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Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy cum tasting season is here, gurls!

Sissy Cum tasting!

It’s almost May, which means it’s Summer time and now is the time to get out those pretty, short little floral sun dresses.  Bathing in the sun is, of course, a great sissy treat.  But you know what is even better than getting . . . → Read More: Sissy Cum tasting

Sissy slut gets caught

Sissy slut gets caught! Special thanks to Gem for writing this story.  Hope you girls enjoy this sissy tease!

“Jack!   Can you come over and help me a minute?     I really appreciate this.  Nothing like good neighbors to help you out in a pinch, right? Can you help me get . . . → Read More: Sissy slut gets caught

Teasing Alice

Teasing Alice, and it’s all her fault.

Teasing Alice is FUN!

How did this happen?  Maybe it was one coffee too many after dancing the night away.  Perhaps, I was just feeling frisky and wanted a little more adventure.  Who knows, but Alice finally wore me down.  Alice and Jizz had been begging . . . → Read More: Teasing Alice

Humiliation through Queening

Humiliation through Queening  is wonderful when I sit on your face and make fun of your little cock!

Humiliation through Queening

Humiliation through queening is more than just sitting on your face for the sake of my pleasure. Oh, no, it is far better than that, my humiliation addicts. First off, let it . . . → Read More: Humiliation through Queening