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No hands edging masturbation is a great way to spend a morning.

No hands edging masturbation!

No Hands Edging Masturbation!

Why go no hands  when you do edging masturbation?    Well, aren’t you up for a challenge?   Not really?  Well, that’s too bad.  It’s Masturbation May, so imagine that  you are stuck, handcuffed, and you really want to stroke your cock for the night?  Yes, I’m laughing at you right now, but that is really not a surprise.   I absolutely love my pillow humpers and vibrator addicts.  I’m a bit of both, myself.

I love a good pillow between my legs while I edge.

It also feels amazing to add a vibrator or Hitachi to the mix.    Can you imagine being handcuffed and left with a vibrator on your aching cock?   What do you know, so can I!!   It takes longer to cum with just a vibrator on the cock but it will make you a better man, overall!

Edging your cock by no hands masturbation with a vibrator will frustrate the hell out of you.   Since I’m a sadist by nature, watching this uncomfortable pain of yours is only going to bring me an intense amount of pleasure.   I can just see you wiggling on the vibrator while your hands are restrained behind your back.

You beg for me to take off the restraints during your no hands masturbation!

Instead, I just go get my second cup of coffee.

I sit across from your throbbing, aching cock and watch you masturbate with no hands while sipping my coffee and smiling.   Then, I pull out the pillow and enjoy you wiggle and hump the pillow as if it was a real woman.  This brings me a boundless amount of pleasure.

You beg for me to allow you to use your hands to edge your cock.

The answer, however, is always going to be No.  You need to learn to cum without Hands!!

Next up, on the Masturbation May choo choo train, go visit the Queen and Expert of the medical fetish, (drum roll)……

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Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone