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Humiliation of Little Kirk

Humiliating Little Kirk is fun for Me!

Humiliation of little kirk

Little Kirk has a problem with his tiny, mini sized cock.   He gets a wet spot of pre cum on his underwear when he is near a hot woman.  Poor little Kirk does try hard to please women.  He loves getting . . . → Read More: Humiliation of Little Kirk

CBT for entertainment

CBT is great for entertainment.


There is nothing better than cock and ball torture for a great night.   I absolutely love the sound of a man screaming in my ear from the intense pain of CBT.   For example, with clothes pins, it’s not about how many of them . . . → Read More: CBT for entertainment

Cuckoldress confessional

This is my cuckoldress confessional sweetheart!

Cuckoldress Confessional!

I sleep with many guys, sweetheart, but you are the one that I’m married to.  The other men that I screw that are married really don’t matter.  Well, I should say they matter, but only when we are in bed.  I wouldn’t say that I . . . → Read More: Cuckoldress confessional

Summer Cock hunting

It’s Summer and time to go cock hunting boys!

Summer Cock Hunting!

Step one to getting some great cock this summer is to pull out the rainbow bathing suit bottoms.  Even if you are a shy, or big man, you can wear the rainbow trunks.  Make sure they are both loud and very . . . → Read More: Summer Cock hunting