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CBT is great for entertainment.



There is nothing better than cock and ball torture for a great night.   I absolutely love the sound of a man screaming in my ear from the intense pain of CBT.   For example, with clothes pins, it’s not about how many of them you put on your balls, as much as how long you keep them on.

Step one is to put a couple on those bouncy big balls.

Step two is to forget about them.  The second step of CBT for a mean mistress like myself is fun, because I can focus on role play or edging your cock.  My specialties include edging and role play.  I do just about everything with those two things.   I love the second step, because it enables me to play with you and distract your mind from the fact that you have clothes pins on your balls.

It’s fun to use a cock ring to maintain your edging and rock hard erection.

Even if you don’t have a cock ring, you can use a shoe string in a pinch.    Speaking of pinching, there will be a lot of nipple and cock pinching in my distraction methods.  The recipe may also call for some cock hitting and ball weights, swinging and bouncing.

You are all hot, sweaty and turned on by all the sensations.

Then, when it’s all over, I allow you to cum after about an hour or so.  The fun however, is not over till the clothes pins come off.   When I hear you take the last one off, you scream in my ear as another wave of orgasmic pain rushes through your body to your toes.

OH, what a rush!

 Do you love CBT as much as I do?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone