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Rubber Ducky Humiliation

Do you want to know about rubber ducky humiliation?

Rubber Ducky Humiliation!

Well, any humiliation is good humiliation in my book, but rubber ducky humiliation is something my demented mind has thought up tonight.  Well, ideas are strange things, so perhaps I am not the sole creator of the concept, but I think it’s pretty damn cool.  Imagine, if you will, a happy rubber ducky that a sissy might use to take a bubble bath with.   Now, imagine that same sissy in a cute little yellow rubber ducky outfit!

Sissies love attention and what is louder than banana yellow?

For this particular brand of humiliation, the victim, I mean sissy,  must carry or have a rubber ducky tied to a belt that they must wear.    Any sad-looking yellow material will do with a couple of black iron-on patches cut in circles where the nipples are for the eyes.    Then,  have the sissy jump up and down and prepare to laugh your ass off.

Want even more  rubber ducky humiliation?

Cut a piece of that black iron-on material in the shape of a smile, or two upright crescent moons.  Then, iron it on to the cock area of the outfit.    The back part of the outfit also gets to have black eyes, but on the back.  The smiling face should be flipped however so it looks like it’s frowning right on the crack of the ass cheeks.

It’s up to you really whether the frown is on the pussy or the ass!!

Isn’t it fun to play with humiliating arts and crafts?

Bonus points for having your sissy sew it. Then, make her wear it and video tape it!!

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Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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