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Body worship

All Body Worship is fantastic, in my book!

Body Worship is FUN!

Body Worship is FUN!

First, I’d like to start out with the body worship that entertains my breathtaking ass.   This is a type of body worship that I can really get behind.  Sorry, but I couldn’t help it.   The most intimate type of worship would be not to just kiss the butt cheeks, but to then make out with the unholy hole.    I particularly love this after I take a nice, hot bath.   Being worshiped from head to toe is a wonderful delight.

Massage Me with oils while rubbing my bottom!

It’s important that a good edible oil is used, so if you forget and start licking and kissing, you don’t come up unhappy.   I love when a man is not scared to spend an hour or so just rubbing and massaging my back, ass, legs, and toes.   All of which needs your hands, lips, and tongue to be made complete.  🙂

Start with my back, rubbing and worshiping, but don’t be afraid to go down to my toes.  I love strong hands massaging my feet.   But, the real treat is when a man takes my toes into his mouth and bathes them with his tongue.  I love having my toes sucked, either one by one, or by the entire foot.

Best multiple orgasms always start with body worship.

I know one of the best orgasms happens when my toes are sucked just as I am cumming.  It adds another level to the orgasm and makes it super intense.   Who doesn’t love an intense orgasm?    I love role plays where a man tells me, in detail, what he is going to do to my body!

Are you that type of guy?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

7 comments to Body worship

  • Emily

    Absolutely anything you want mistress. I would be my pleasure to make you happy .

  • Empress Rayne

    I’m that type of girl, Ms Simone! I also absolutely love body worship! Your ass worship description has me craving and ready to make a late night call for some of the like tonight. And while I’m at it, I’m gonna try that whole toe sucking at the point of orgasm thing too!

  • You are the type of girl Empress Rayne that any man would LOVE to worship. You are adorably cute!!

  • Emily

    Both of you two are absolutely gorgeous . I would worship you both all night and day .

  • I LOVE body worship! It’s probably one of my very favorite things! And I agree with you Simone, about Empress Rayne, however, you have to add yourself to that list! You are both gorgeous! I’m sure you get lots of fellas wanting to worship you both! Hell, I would! I love the ladies…women’s bodies are just scrumptious!

  • All body worship really IS great, and I can understand your perspective from MY perspective. Lady, that is one smokin hot pic of you all ready to romp. Yowza! As long as the lucky guy really takes him time and makes sure every inch of you is singing sweetly, he really can’t go wrong. And from the look of things, he’s bound to be rewarded for it.

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