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Fifteen Year Anniversary

Fifteen Year LDW Anniversary Promotion November 15th ONLY!

Fifteen Year AnniversaryI will now be available from Noon to 7 pm not just on the fifteen year anniversary, but all Wednesdays!!

Lately, I’ve been playing around with the concept of having a day when I log in since so many of you say you wish I was on during the day.  Well, great news, I am making Wednesday My daylight day!   This will also be just in time for the Fifteen Year Anniversary Promotion.

If you have called LDW 15 times or spoken for 150 min you get a FREE 15 minute call!

This is with ANY Mistress at LDW.  It’s truly Ally’s way of saying THANK YOU for your loyalty and years of support!

Now, if you’ve never spoken to Me before, I love a bit of everything.   I specialize in role plays, and adore them completely but I also absolutely love coerced cock sucking, cuckold body worship, hearing your confessionals. sissy and strap on play, and even vanilla romantic sex.   If your favorite is not on the list, feel free to Email me at, and we can see if we fit.  I can do anything from submissive to strict and bitchy.  I just need a few hints as to what is your cup of tea.

Or, you can just call and use your free call credit on Wednesday!

I look forward to playing with you, and having a wonderful day in the daylight on Wednesdays!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone



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