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Be My CBT Prey

CBT is such a great joy for Me when you are My prey!

CBT, Be My Prey!

There is nothing quite like the squeak of pain when I hear you hit your balls for me. Yes, I would rather be there hitting them myself, but hearing you scream on the phone is just as good for me. Hit your cock 200 times, then hit your balls twice for every 5o times you hit your cock. Don’t worry, I will keep score and make sure you don’t cheat.  Cheating is only going to make the pain more intense.

Who am I kidding?

I love your intense pain!  🙂

Your intense pain makes me extremely wet, so don’t forget your clothespins. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing the fear in your eyes when I pull out my simple tools. Who would have thought that something as simple as cock and ball torture with a toothpick along the balls would inspire such trepidation?  I grin when I pull out a small frying pan to spank you, and you cringe.  Then I pull out a ruler, a spatula, and a cake pan.

Here’s a hint, I am not going to be making a cake.

Imagine being tied to a St. Andrew’s cross while you watch me pull out all these instruments of pain.  It’s not like you can go anywhere. I laugh at you while I talk about how much joy it will give me to torture you.  Then, I add the blindfold, because what is more fun than the unknown? I know how much you LOVE surprises. You hear all sorts of unpleasant things in the background.  Some are only sound bites of some of your worst fears, but some might be real…..

Wanna be My Prey?

Hugs and Kisses.

Mistress Simone

4 comments to Be My CBT Prey

  • I have a safe word I can use at any time to stop the pain, but I don’t want to use it. You see, I am greedy, and I get a lot of erotic pleasure out of knowing that my cock and balls are yours to do with as you please. If I used the safe word, it would take away from the pleasure, and I want that pleasure.

    There is a spreader bar between my ankles, you have facing the wall with my legs straight and my hands against the wall, as you smack me with a wooden cooking spoon. Not the same spoon I use when cooking for you, that would be gross. Sometimes you smack my inner thigh, sometimes you smack my ass, sometimes you smack my balls. I have no idea which kind of smack is coming next.

    You wanted me to suck your boyfriends cock, and I told you I liked being your submissive but I wasn’t really into the idea of sucking his cock. He gets a lot of attention from you and that makes me a bit jealous, otherwise I would do. I tell you I would suck any other cock for you, just not his. Apparently you didn’t like that answer. And I’m being punished for it.

    I know I can use the safe word to make the pain stop, but just like I’m selfish for your attention, I’m even more selfish about the pleasure in knowing what you are smacking is yours to smack. There is another way I can stop the pain, but it requires humility and the pain just isn’t quite there yet.

    I can stop the pain if I beg you to let him use my mouth and fuck my face. But I have to beg with enthusiasm. You won’t stop until I beg with enthusiasm that satisfies you. And even then, you might not stop, because they are your balls to smack, and you like hearing me beg. So if I beg and you don’t stop, I don’t know if I need to ramp up the enthusiasm or if you are just enjoying yourself.

    If I use that option, if I beg for you to let him fuck my face, I can stop the pain without losing the pleasure of knowing my balls really do belong to you.

    The smacks continue, and with each one, the thought of him fucking my face becomes a more and more attractive option.

    How many smacks to my balls will it take?

  • Alice, I will smack your balls till you cry out your safe word. Or perhaps, I will smack them till you are about to cry out and then touch them with something very soft like raw silk to ease the ache as I whisper in your ear that I will drain your balls and give you the most extraordinary pleasure….!!

  • I have to confess something else.

    You aren’t shy about the fact that you also do vanilla role plays. Well, that led to a rather naughty one –

    You start as a vanilla cock tease, switching between giving me a hand job and fondling my balls.

    Ah, life is so good, I’m closing in on the edge, and damn this is going to be a wicked explosion. I’m a king of my own domain.

    Suddenly while your hand is on my balls, I notice a change in your eyes and your facial expression.

    Oh Shitaki Mushrooms. You mood just changes.

    And just before it happens, I realize those soft fingers sensually playing with my balls are going to tighten around them, and tighten hard, and there isn’t a fucking thing I can do about it.

    The king of my domain just became there court jester, there for the sole amusement of the Queen.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I am totally inexperienced in any of this i am a tiny penis sissy crossdresser who has sucked some cocks .I have not had an erection in 6 or more years my penis measures between 3/4 of an inch and 2 inches. I was watching a movie where the sissy was being dildoed by 2 Fem Doms one in mouth and in girly hole.One Dom was smacking his balls so i started to smack my balls. my penis started to grow and started to get hard got to 3 inches and movie stopped.

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