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Screwing Micro Penis

Screwing Micro Penis is also a Dom Fetish for Some Men!!

Micro Penis gay fetish

Screwing Micro Penis!

See, now, this is just another reason why it pays to not be straight.  There are gay men that actually look for a man with a micro penis to penetrate them.  Yes, a man with a micro penis can actually be a Top and know how to screw their submissive.   I know that sounds like a rarity, but it is actually more popular than you would think.

Small Dicked Men can be Great Doms in the Gay Community.

It is because they can be understanding and loving to their bottoms and sissies that they screw on a regular basis.  Also, they don’t have to worry about being too gentle because of their large cock size.   Women would only ridicule and laugh at a man that is not endowed with a normal sized cock.  I know I would never have sex with a micro penis.   However, a man might find a tiny dick to be a great size for a beginner both to suck and to enjoy in his screw hole.  Who is going to gag on a micro penis?? 🙂

Prostate Stimulation with a Tiny Micro Penis Can Also be Fun!

It’s not intimidating at all.  Just look at it. You can stick it in your mouth and suck the micro penis without having to worry about gagging, and your Dom is sure to be understanding.   Any guy that has been ridiculed most of his life about his teeny cock is bound to have empathy.  So, have some fun and stick that tiny cock in your mouth.   I think every guy thinking about a gay experience should start out with a micro penis.   Think about it, most guys with tiny cocks have large cocked friends.  This is especially true in the gay community.  The micro penis man is sure to have some friends he can loan you out to when your hole needs bigger.   Also, most gay men are not afraid to wear a strap on if they need a bigger cock!!

Do you need a good micro penis screwing?

Let’s talk about it!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

9 comments to Screwing Micro Penis

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Micro penis here if any of you sissies need it .If your not a sissy yet? Mistress Simone can make you become one

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Wow i love your laughing.I have a purple strap-on that matches your skirt if you ever change your mind? What strap-on is in your closet?

  • Pupslave

    The Ancient Greeks actually believed that the ideal penis was small and thin. Which may have come from the fact that they weren’t really thinking of what brings most pleasure to a woman when they were imagining dicks.

  • violet

    Hmmm sounds kinda fun Ms Simone, id be down for receiving, if i was lil bit tipsy at the time giggle !!

  • While I have empathy for guys with small dicks I’ll never blow them if they’re smaller than me. Most of the time they get a pity hand job from me but I would a cock I can feel in my mouth and ass.

    Micro Penises are not for this Sissy.

  • Awe Stephenie, you really ARE a girl!! ROFL Genetic women don’t like micro penis either. 🙂

  • Sissy April Nicole

    How small is the limit or cut off point soft limits & hard limits
    .Get the measuring tape

  • Miles hehe

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Ancient Greeks so that is why the statues have small dicks not just because they wanted to save money on cement

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