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Spanking Party

My housewarming spanking party is not just a hot role play!

Spanking Party!

I LOVE spanking both men and women.  It’s a hot passion of mine.  Most of my friends know this little fact about me.  So, when one of my friends visited me, he brought me a new leather flexible paddle with studs on it.  I LOVE this paddle.  It was sort of what starting this little housewarming spanking party.

First, we started with my handsome guest bending over my table.

I helped him out by pulling down his jeans and underwear.  Really, there is no reason to be shy at my home!  Once you are here, you can just trust that I will “take care of you”.  Of course, how I define that might be quite different than how YOU define it!

Of course, You are invited to My spanking party as well, sweetie!!

I love the sad little whines you make during my spanking party, as I hit you a little harder than you were expecting.   This, of course, is to warm you up a little bit.   I like hearing you tell me I’m too rough with you when I push you up against my table.    Next, you get a little excited when you notice your pants are coming off.   I spread your legs and tell you it’s time to do a ball inspection.

Ball inspections are imperative at my kinky parties.

I have to make sure that they are the correct weight. If they are too heavy, then you will be spanked 20 times.  If they are not heavy enough, you will be spanked 50 times. There are also penalties based on how small your balls are to Me. A nice full set of big balls will be massaged as a reward. Tiny balls, however, will earn you a good 100 count bare butt spanking.

By the time you leave my housewarming spanking party, you will barely be able to sit down. The drive home will be uncomfortable, and I will be exhausted.  This is my idea of a fantastic night!

Is it also yours?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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