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SPH Body worship

SPH Body Worship for the tiny cocked man.

SPH Body Worship!

Small penis Humiliation, or SPH, is wonderful for the man packing the micro penis.  Men that are less than endowed learn to compensate in their life by doing other things to make up for their lack of abilities in the bedroom.  One of the things that score MAJOR points in my book would be body worship.

Any massage is a good massage, but I LOVE a man that can give Me deep tissue.

As a Fem Dom, I control my household.  Therefore, I accumulate a lot of stress in my life.  The way I deal with that stress is having my submissive rub my back and shoulders every day. Any man that is not capable of service to a lady in terms of making her feel good is not worth two seconds of my time. Women by nature are brought up to be considerate and nurturing.

Body Worship to a Mistress is merely a sign of RESPECT!

Most real men would show their respect in the bedroom. The little cocked man, even if is an expert at oral sex, is just not going to compare. To make up for his small penis short cummings, he will have to have an amazing personality and go above and beyond. I tell many small cocked men to do laundry or the dishes for his lady. A small cocked man that can cook is also a plus!

But a good back massage is a form of body worship that will keep ME coming back for MORE!!

Are you a small cocked man into body worship?

I can’t wait to hear you tell me about it 2 am ’til 9 am Eastern

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

4 comments to SPH Body worship

  • mike

    I don’t know if I am what you would call “tiny” or “small”. I know that there feels a difference to me if a girl calls me “small” it is “better” or I feel I am bigger than “tiny”. Tiny feels like – wow, I don’t know. Like you are not even in the fight. Small feels like maybe she could give you a break. Not for sure but maybe. I do believe it is true that tiny or small you have a natural feeling that you have to work harder and compensate. I think it is maybe biologic. I have a natural desire to provide oral sex – like that is what I should be doing and only that. I also have desires to do non sexual submissive things like do errands or clean a house for a female. I do not know exactly how that relates to endowment but I know it does or it feels that way.

  • Great post, Ms Simone. You and I are of the same mind about submissives providing quality massage. I feel it is a duty I have a right to expect, and it is also a privilege for the submissive. They get to touch your body. That is not something that every Mistress allows. It is personal service and important. It is not always easy being in charge. Stress does build up. How wonderful that your submissives are taking care of you in this way as well.

  • Ms Simone- I’m so glad you made this post clarifying that while oral sex is a wonderful way to serve a Mistress, there are SO many more ways a poorly endowed male can make himself useful to his Mistress. In addition to back and shoulder massage, I am a big fan of foot worship. Obviously being handy around the house is a plus, but being skilled at worshiping your body would move a sub right up the list of those who are useful. ( and yes, cooking while caged is one of my favorite ways to let a male serve me!)

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I am a tiny penis sissy i would do anything physical to please women like you Mistress.

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