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Gay for life, Princess Buttercup was a candy sweet sissy

Gay for Life Sissy!

I love making you gay!

Princess, or, Sissy Buttercup, as she was known to her close friends, was tall and dirty blonde, just like in the famous movie, “The Princess Bride.” She had a strong will and loved her friends passionately. One day, Buttercup was picking daisies in her garden when she came across a strong, muscular man named Life.

Life approached Princess Buttercup and threw her down on the soft grass.

Little Princess was not yet prepared for what Life was about to give her next. His cock was so apparent in his tights, that left nothing to the imagination. It was clear that Life did not bother to wear underwear at all. Life put his huge arms around his waist and exclaimed that he was looking for a Princess in his life and she looked like she was the one to make him feel gay!

Sissy Buttercup felt her heart flutter a bit when Life stared at her.

She felt her legs go all weak when she noticed Life was getting more excited as he stared at her. “Shall I take you out here in the garden?” Life asked seriously. Buttercup’s eyes fluttered as she said softly, “Can you be gentle with me, kind Sir?” Life stared at Princess a long time, and she watched his cock grow fully aroused in his tights.

Princess licked her lips, staring at the large member, both drooling a bit.

“Life, I can’t take it any longer,” explained Princess Buttercup, ” I am not gay, I’m just a cross dresser, but, for you, dearest Life I AM completely Gay. I want to suck your cock. I want you inside of me. Please, take me anyway and anywhere you see fit. Life, I need you.”

Life stared at Buttercup and was very pleased. This was four years ago, and, to this day, they’ve lived happily ever after.

Are you gay for Life, too?  Don’t keep it a secret!!

Hope you sissies enjoyed the wordplay.

Mistress Simone