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Coerced Bisexuality

Coerced bisexuality is more fun when you are tied up!

I love to see you with your hands behind your back.  You whimper as I tie your hands behind your back and giggle.  You see the crowd of men and women as they show up and take a seat around you.   It’s quite intense as I shove a ball gag in your mouth.   You see a topless lady sit down drinking something delicious, and you want to both drink something and to suck her pretty nipples.   She smiles at you, and so does her big boyfriend that sits beside her.

“Is My submissive thirsty” I ask, grinning widely.

coerced bisexuality is fun

Coerced Bisexuality is FUN!

You swallow hard, because you are terrified of answering.    I run my fingers over your head and I hear you whine a little bit in response.  This, of course, pleases me greatly.   I love hearing you when you are uncomfortable or in pain.

“Who would like their cock licked tonight?

A few guys raise their hands and you whimper again.   The crowd laughs in response and you feel your cock twitch a little inside of your cock cage.   I explain to the crowd that the cage is a little roomy, so you can almost get fully hard in it.   It feels like a hand holding it really hard and is almost uncomfortable.  The blond topless lady with ringlets in her hair laughs, and you can see her dimples.    Her boyfriend gets up and walks towards you.

You watch as the large, muscular man unzips his pants.

He pulls out his cock and rubs it against your face.   You watch as his girlfriend claps in response.   Your cock is fully hard now inside of your cock cage.  I pull back your hair so it hurts, as I remove the ball gag from your mouth.

“Time to suck your first cock I say. and the crowd goes wild in response!

Is this your fantasy too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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