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Petting the penis is more fun when you have a Mistress to direct you.

So, let’s play a game that’s calling petting the penis.  First, find a willing penis.  Oh, look down, what do you know, there’s a penis!  Now, ask if it’s a willing participant in being pet. We don’t want to have any coerced stroking here.   Now, take your hand and put it nuzzled right up next to your balls.   It’s okay, it’s your balls so you don’t have to ask for permission.

You do, however, need permission to stroke it.

Petting the Penis

Now, we are going to ignore your penis and talk about things that turn you on.  It might be my beautiful silky long legs that drive you mad.  Perhaps, you dream of my toes fondling your balls as I smile at you seductively.   Who knows?  What I do know for sure is, I want to hear all about your dirty fantasies,    I want to hear about the most profound orgasm you have ever had.   I want to know what was happening and how it happened.

I will recreate something even more profound.

Now that I know all your hot little buttons, I’m going to use them against you.  I’m going to tiptoe around each one of those buttons.  Then, I’m going to give each button a nice long lap dance.  All this time, you are only allowed to, maybe, stroke very very slowly.  I say stroking and petting the penis at a nice rhythmic slow rate if you are lucky.  Let’s face it, you are not ready to even touch that penis yet.

There will be no premature ejaculation in this story.

Rather, you will learn to edge and stroke for me.  You will become completely involved and immersed in my fantasy that we’ve created together.   Then, finally, I will allow you to not just pet the penis, but have the most profound orgasm of your life.  This is what edging is, in my world.

Wanna Play?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone