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This post is dedicated to   My live in sissy, Anthony.

sissy dominates the world

Sissy dominates the world!

Sissies can dominate the world.  Most sissies have higher paying jobs.  The willingness to suck a cock or get a nice screwing is not the only reason why sissies rule the world.  Think about it.  You have to use another part of your brain to dress up as the opposite gender.  The creativity needed to fix your hair and put on makeup takes a LOT of skill and patience.

Sissies have both patience and creativity.

Both are essential in the modern world to succeed.  Those that have the nontraditional minds are those that can come up with ideas that are innovative and new.  One has to get out of the normal mindset to accomplish this.   So, why not be a sissy to achieve this.   Use a new part of your brain by slipping on a pair of panties and experiencing a new type of fabric against your balls.

Live like a sissy and buy a pair of silicone breasts!

In addition, run your fingers over the silicone nipples and close your eyes and imagine the sensation of having a pair of DD cup breasts attached to your skin for real!!   Imagine the sensation of getting wet on the inside.  You are like an open pocket needing to be filled.   You want to desperately feel something slick slide inside of you repeatedly.

See, you just expanded your mind a little bit by thinking of something NEW!

So, live on the edge of normalcy and try something new and edgy.   Furthermore, put on some makeup and a pretty bra and feel the sensation of being someone that you are not.  Then, use that experience in your workplace by trying new ideas and finding new solutions.   Watch out; you too will be dominating the world!

P.S.) Click the audio below to actually  hear Gordon and Anthony!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone