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Be a Sissy Dancing Queen for Me!

sissy dancing queen!

Sissy Dance for Me!

Okay, so you are all dolled up.  You have on the cutest shoes, and your hair is done.   Your make up is perfect, and you have on your favorite sequin or cocktail dress.  Now, it’s time for you to let your sissy flag fly.   Find a gay club in the city in which you live or the city next to you.  Then go dancing for me.

I enjoy watching the sissies dance on the stage, in a cage,  or on the pedestal. Close your eyes for me, and imagine all eyes are on you, sweetheart.  You have practiced moving that cute little ass for years in the mirror, now, you need to build up the confidence to go out in public and flaunt it!  I want to see that cute little ass move from side to side.   Now, lift it up and twerk it nice and slow.

You want all the guys to be looking at your ass when you move it.

Now, imagine I am there with you.  I am the sissy courage that you can hold on to when you are nervous.  I want you to feel happy when I am around you.  I am wearing my cutest white cocktail dress, so the black light hits it, and I glow.   The only difference between our outfits is that yours has a silver or gold trim, so you also sparkle for me.  You feel me behind you, as I throw my arms around you and pretend like I’m packing a cock while I’m dancing behind you.

I want everyone on the floor to be looking at YOU while I’m behind you!

Sound like a fun roleplay?

Love you Gurls!

Mistress Simone