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Sissy Make Over

It’s Sissy Make-Over day!

Sissy Make Over!Okay, sissy gurl, do you dream of getting your hair frosted, then going out for a manicure and pedicure?  It can be one of the most incredible experiences for a woman.   It’s relaxing just to sit there while sipping on a strawberry lemonade and soaking your toes in warm wax.   I personally love dipping my toes in hot wax and feeling it penetrate my little tootsies.  It makes my skin so incredibly soft – but, let’s not start with the wax.

I prefer when they start with the coffee exfoliation scrub on my feet.

On sissy make-over day, which can be Any day of the week, you are the one that gets pampered.  You wear your cutest little pink dress, and Mary Jane’s that you can just kick off.   You sit next to me and feel the therapist massage and rub all the stress out of your feet with the exfoliation scrub.  You have a choice of the raspberry, coconut or the coffee scrub.   I prefer the coffee because the idea of my feet having coffee titillates me immensely.

After our toes our sparking painted and super soft, it’s time for nails!

Where would you be, without glamorous long nails to go with your toes?   We sit side by side while you get french tips and I get the latest color trend.   Tonight, I am getting purple passion on my nails.   It’s a super pretty eggplant or dark purple.   Then, she puts a little bit of purple glitter on my pointing fingers.   You know how important it is for a man to see it when I point at him!!

If this type of sissy role play excites you as much as it does me, then we need to talk!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

3 comments to Sissy Make Over

  • Petey cream puff

    This is what I want!!! I’ve had makeup application done to me for real and it was a thrill!!! I wore my bra/panties/women’s slacks/ankle boots/perfume and lotion with unisex sweater. It was nerve wracking but girl asked who this was for and I told her me. She giggled and told me to relax as she held my hand applied samples of blush and lipstick on me. Her hands were so soft and she asked me if I like wearing lipstick and I told her I did as well perfume she noticed my bra as she rubbed my shoulder. I was hard but she said not to worry about anything. It was one of best things I ever did!!!

    My masseuse also had me wear makeup and lipstick along with taking pictures of me with her phone dressed up and measured fitted me in bra/sprayed me in perfume/lotion and took me shopping as I held her purse and shopping bags. I couldn’t say no as she could hit send anytime. I asked her to do this to me and glad she has as she told me not to worry about her husband or care what others think. She said I need to accept who I am and become and to tell new gf about this as she may already suspect this.

  • Dena

    I’ve only been to the salon for a makeover once, and it was a wonderful experience!
    It’s kind of like girly meditation.

    I took a roll of film (this was in the early ’90’s), in selfies and got a lot more good shots than usual!

  • That is fantastic Dena. If you still have the pictures, send me some at I would love to see you all dolled up!

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