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SPH Sissies

SPH and sissies  are  my favorite things, so let’s combine them!

First and foremost, most men have unfortunate cocks.   SPH is good for every man to recognize.  I mean, unless you

SPH and Sissies!

SPH and Sissies!

have over eight inches, and thick, to boot, you could have a larger cock.   Now that I’ve said that, you have to realize that I have been with quite a few guys with large dicks.    I married one, while My sissy is on the extremely small size.   When I say small, I don’t mean just a little bit.

You see, before Anthony was a sissy, he thought he was a normal sized male.

I assure you, he is far from normal.  He is much smaller.  Poor Anthony used to be a plus size man.   He still has a little bit of a muffin top, as many guys do, but here is the funny part:  Anthony has really large balls, and when his cock shrinks, it hides in his balls.   It hides to the point that you can no longer see his cock at all.   Now, as a sissy, he sees this as a benefit.  I wish I could show you a picture of it, because I’ve never seen this before on any other man.

The cock just disappears so all you see are the sissy balls.

That is sissy SPH at a whole new level, in my opinion.  I wonder if any of you sissies out there can hide your pecker in your balls?   I would LOVE to see some pictures sent to my email at   I don’t want just tiny penis pictures.  I want the SPH pictures of all balls and the cock is hiding pictures.   Can you be Anthony too?

I hope so!

Hugs and Kisses

Mistress Simone

5 comments to SPH Sissies

  • Petey cream puff

    When I wear panties it hides my clitty as it does get me hard but mistresses said I need to tuck. Every time I wear my bra/women’s clothes it triggers me to get hard. I would love to be Anthony.

    With my masseuse knowing I wear panties/bra/dresses/blouses/leggings/
    ankle/knee high boots with makeup and lipstick she’s taken pictures of me with her phone dressed and made up along with measuring and fitting me in bra taking me out dressed up shopping with me holding her purse and shopping bags.

  • Oh Petey, you are such a happy creamy puff! 🙂 Don’t change.

  • princess

    I an not a picture sender……but I too have a ‘clitty’ that is much smaller than my blue balls! Especially when in chastity!…..I can relate to your sissy very much about being able to hide it in them….Lucky gurl!

  • Oh princess I wish you were a picture sender

  • William

    I once had a therapist tell me that the need to be humiliated for being small endowed had to do with making a painful experience erotic. Basically I think what she was saying that “small guys” have painful experiences learning that they are in fact small and in order to lessen the pain somehow it becomes “positive”….or “half positive” or something. I have found this to be true.

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