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Hide a cock sex change

Let’s play the fun game of “Hide a cock sex change!”

I mean do you REALLY need a cock at all?  Let’s do a role play together where we give you a sex change!  I will just

Sex change time!

run my beautiful nails over your mini cock and then snap my fingers . . . → Read More: Hide a cock sex change

Cuckolding BBC

Cuckolding your husband with the beautiful black bull!

So, you are ready to cuckold your husband with BBC, ladies?  The first step is to find yourself a beautiful man that is wanting to mount you.  It’s not hard to find.  Black men don’t just have larger sized cocks; they also have a sex drive . . . → Read More: Cuckolding BBC

Jerking off Janet humiliation

Jerking off  humiliation is pretty boring without help.

Jerking off Humiliaton

You know you love humiliation. All you have is your sad, pathetic hand for help.  You might as well call your hand Janet, because she just jerks you off when you are not getting laid.  Janet is always there for you and . . . → Read More: Jerking off Janet humiliation

Suck it Cock Sucker

 Cock sucker sissy loved her frilly panties.

Suck it Cock Sucker!

Sissy cock sucker  would practically skip to work so she could go to her locked office, where she would open up her bottom locked drawer and pull out her favorite butt plug, lube and satin panties.   She always got super excited when . . . → Read More: Suck it Cock Sucker