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Cuckolding BBC

Cuckolding your husband with the beautiful black bull!

So, you are ready to cuckold your husband with BBC, ladies?  The first step is to find yourself a beautiful man that is wanting to mount you.  It’s not hard to find.  Black men don’t just have larger sized cocks; they also have a sex drive that is much stronger than the average white male.   I know whenever I go to a hip-hop club, I just need to go out on the dance floor and start twerking!

Cuckolding with BBC!

Cuckolding with BBC!

Once I move my ass up and down, all the black men notice me!

I usually have at least two men rubbing up against me in T – 20 seconds.  (Yes, My ass is that powerful!)  Now that I can feel those powerful thighs rubbing up against my body, I only have to decide which guy I’m going to take home.  Yes, ladies, you can get an idea of his age and how long he can dance.  Yes, what I’m talking about is endurance.  Young bulls around 20 years old can stay hard for hours!

Black men usually complain about not being able to lose their erections!

Yes, even after they shoot their powerful semen, many of these black bulls stay hard.  I don’t think that’s a problem. . . Actually, it’s something that I look forward to when looking for a sex buddy.  I can cum over and over and over in a night.   Actually, even as I’m writing this, I have a black bull feeling up my breasts.  He is trying to distract me now, by sucking on the right one.

I guess I will have to end this post to go fulfill our primal desires to ritually join together!

Tell Me about Your BBC cuckold fantasies!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

11 comments to Cuckolding BBC

  • tiny tim

    Mistress Simone, I am shocked that Young Bulls can stay hard for hours. As someone like me can only stay hard for a minute or two at the most. So i am small and a minuteman. I would rather cleanup after other men though while i remain a virgin.

  • I’ve never been with a Black Man before but I’ve heard they are amazing. I’m hopeful that one day I’ll experience it for myself.

  • Ms Simone, I have this vision in my mind of you twerking with two beautiful chocolate men rubbing against you. Let me know the next time you go out so I can get a piece of that action.

  • violet

    Would love to be a part of your BBC fun for sure, sounds sexy as you describe Him feeling you up etc, thanks for the hot post as always !!

  • Thank you violet!!

  • Mistress Cindy, we would have so much fun teasing those guys together. But, I have to let you know, those black bulls don’t like to be teased. They like their hot release!!

  • I’m sure you will Stephanie. You just need to find yourself a nice lady that will insist that you fluff her boyfriends!

  • Tiny, you were born to lick pussy not be inside of one!

  • Tom

    I would love it if u where tweaking next to my big hard cock and making suck a big black cock at the same time

  • Gay Boi FF

    Miss Simone,
    My experience is a little different. My ex wife cheated on me with a hung black guy. I snooped on her phone and found a dick pic he sent her. HUGE! That’s all I can say. Shortly after that, she lost interest in sex with me. Ha ha. I guess my 5.5” wasn’t very satisfying anymore. She also lost interest in hiding her trysts. I routinely found cum soaked panties and stained sheets. The funny thing is that I wasn’t angry so much as JEALOUS. That was the beginning of my realization that I wanted cock, too. In any event, I was cuckolded. And I loved it!!!!

  • Nick Bitchboi

    I’m obsessed with the idea of my wife getting fucked by my black friend. She knows that now.

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