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Jerking off Janet humiliation

Jerking off  humiliation is pretty boring without help.

Jerking off Janet Humiliation

Jerking off Humiliaton

You know you love humiliation. All you have is your sad, pathetic hand for help.  You might as well call your hand Janet, because she just jerks you off when you are not getting laid.  Janet is always there for you and never leaves your side.  Just jerking off Janet never ever judges you for using her!

On the other hand (of humiliation), I always judge you for jerking off your hand named Janet.

Poor Janet never gets any love at all.   Do you ever kiss Janet, or tell her that you love her?   Also, what about romance?   Every woman wants to feel adored and special.  When is the last time you took your lowly just jerking off hand out on a date?   You should dress up Janet, your jerk off hand, in a pretty dress!  You should tell Janet that you love her.

After all, she is always there to lend you a hand. 😛

She is always by your side, and, unlike any real woman, never lets you down.  The only thing jerk off Janet can’t do is give you a true blow job.  Sure, you can get her super wet with lube, and she quite literally never tells you no, but all she can do is squeeze your cock and tug on those balls.  She just does not have the abillity to suck you off like you truly enjoy!

It’s not Humiliating AT ALL to kiss Jerk off Janet!

I recommend doing it in a private place, like my home. You can just imagine the humilation of seeing real women watching you with Jerking off Janet.  They will all be jealous that you have such a helping hand.  This is why they will be laughing so hard at Janet.  No, of course they are not laughing at YOU!  Why would they ever laugh at a normal guy like you?  I mean every guy dresses up their hand and calls it Janet right?

Now, you see what happens when you don’t call Me?

Don’t be Janet!

(Unless, of course, you are into humiliaton as much as I am!!)

Hugs and Tugs!

Mistress Simone

5 comments to Jerking off Janet humiliation

  • What a wonderfully hilarious -and true!- post, Ms. Simone. I loved it! There really are armies of “handy Janets” roaming around in the world, aren’t there? By the way, would you consider Janet to be a whore? I mean, she works horny cocks all the time but never gets any compensation – well, that is unless being covered with cum is compensation. 😛

    One more question: For those pud-pullers who fancy themselves needing two hands (because we know there are so very many of those who do…), would they have twins named Janet or a Janet and [fill in the blank]?

  • Hi Mistress EmmaJane, I love the questions. I think it would be Janet and Jackie for the two names. (Maybe Jackie OHHHHH!!!) I do see Janet as a whore if the man wants Janet to be with other men. Otherwise, I would say she just has a normal, healthy sex drive!!! XOXOXO

  • Ms Simone, seems like there are a lot of Janets out there. I suppose the ultimate rejection is when you call on Janet and she is fast asleep.

  • NO DOUBT Mistress Cindy!! XOXOXOX

  • Kevin

    Oh, Mistress Simone! This is such a sexy blog. That wet kiss at the end of your audio was too much for me to resist. You forced me to jerk off. (I would have called but your “Sorry I’m Away” sign was up. With my dick up, I couldn’t wait). I promptly dubbed my right hand “Janet” and kissed her deeply. We made love. It was so nice.

    Next time, can Janet and I party at your home so your girlfriends can see Janet in action? Or, at least, can Janet and I call you for a humiliation session? Janet loves to be humiliated! Sincerely, Kevin

    P.S. I came while looking at your photo. You were right there, looking at us. You look so . . . amused. That knowing smile of yours! You looked like you’re were watching me and Janet. You voyeur you!

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