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Jamie Sissy Romantic

Jamie was a nasty sissy romantic girl that loved to suck a cock

sissy romantic

Sissy Romantic

She could suck a cock with her head hanging upside down on a bed.  Jamie loved to have her sissy mouth stretched wide with a penis gag, as well.   Let’s also not forget about the sissy hole that loved being stretched out to the limit.  All these things being said about her adventurous sissy sex life, Jamie was starting to feel bored of rough sex.  Something was happening to her.

Jamie was turning into a sissy romantic!

She started thinking about kissing those men that were screwing her, instead of just being used.   She thought about what it would be like to have a man stay and have breakfast after sex, instead of just running off.  Jamie began to do little sissy romantic things, like making dinner before she would allow her “meet and screw” to have sex with her.   It sort of worked, but the guys would still leave after sex, which made Jamie sad.

Thoughts of flowers and being taken on a date sprang into her head during sex.

She wondered what it would be like to be courted, like a woman that a man truly adored.  She wondered what it would look like, to have a man look at her with awe and wonder in his eyes.  It was then that sissy Jamie decided to stop having sex ’til she found a man that truly wanted her.  She would only be blow job Jamie, until she could find that special guy!  With that thought in mind, Jamie opened up a gay dating website and filled out an application.

To Be Continued.

Will Jamie find true love?

Or, will she be destined to be cock sucker Jamie forever?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

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