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Surprise Sex Change

Hide a cock sex change happens AGAIN!!

Surprise Sex Change

Surprise Sex Change!

This time, however, it is a bit more surprising of a sex change.  You wake up as a genetic woman.  That’s right; your cock is completely gone.  You run to the mirror and see your perky breasts and hairless pussy on YOUR body.  Of course, you stare in disbelief for a few minutes.  Okay, perhaps you spend more than a few minutes touching your breasts and surprised how sensitive they are to the touch.  You are a little bit aroused, so you wander back to the bed.

You see a nice big dildo on the bed with a note.

The note states that I have been to your room and hope you enjoy your surprise sex change.  It also says that I hope you enjoy your new body, as you will have it for a week.    As long as a penis does not enter your vagina in a week’s time, you will have your cock back at the end of the week.   Don’t worry, the note says, you are off this week from work.  It will just be our little experiment.  It should be pretty simple.  You just have to go out on a date with a guy every night this week.  As long as you don’t have sex, you will get your cock back by the end of the week.  Simple!

You look at the dildo. . . And your mouth begins to water.

It’s almost as if you can’t control yourself, as you feel your hand picking up the dildo.  Before you know it, you are inserting it inside of your new vagina.  It feels better than anything in your life that you could have imagined.  It is amazing how good it feels, having a dildo plunged inside of your wet pussy.  You begin to wonder how a real cock would feel inside of you.  You are not even gay, and still, you are having these thoughts!   How will you ever get through this week?

Sounds like a fun role play to Me!

I can’t wait for your first date…

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

5 comments to Surprise Sex Change

  • Ms Simone, I really enjoyed your sex-change fantasy. It reminds me of a Virginia Woolf novel, “Orlando”. A guy wakes about a gal…but Woolf forgot to write about the dildo for some strange reason?

  • I agree! It sounds like a VERY fun role play! I’m willing to bet, though, that your unwitting sex change partner will not be back in his boy clothes ANYTIME soon–or ever–once he finds out how much BETTER a real cock feels inside a wet pussy!

  • Gem Sissy

    Greetings, Empress Simone!

    I know it has been far too long since I reached out but wanted you to know I’m back. I’d be happy to write sissy fantasies for you if you can use them.

    This blog post was very exciting to me. Given that scenario, there is NO WAY I could resist feeling a real cock in my beautiful new pussy! I love dildos so much in my sissy pussy I can only imagine how good it feels in a real pussy.

    Spending the rest of my life as a beautiful woman enjoying cock in all three places would be a gift, not a curse!

    Be well and gorgeous as always!


  • Gem Sissy

    Good morning, Miss Simone. One thought crossed my mind. If the fantasy were arranged so the sissy would have to go for a month without cock to change back, I’m sure there would be nobody hesitating to indulge in the arrangement, but interestingly, it would make it more exciting for me to know there was always a way back to being a male sissy because that would ensure that I never forgot that that was who I really was. If the transformation is permanent, it would be glorious, no doubt, to be a woman but it could become ‘normal’ too quickly. I don’t know, just over-thinking a little fantasy but a powerful one.

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