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Cock teasing Romantic Jamie

“Jamie, You have beautiful cock teasing lips” Tyrone said, smiling.

Romantic Jamie cock teasing!

Jamie blushed from Tyrone’s forward words.  “Tyrone, I told you, I am a romantic lady.  I want a man that is going to take me out to eat and spoil me.”  She crossed her legs nervously, as she watched Tyrone . . . → Read More: Cock teasing Romantic Jamie

Romantic Sissy Blind date

Romantic Sissy Jamie filed her nails for her first blind date.

Romantic Sissy blind date!

It had been months since Romantic Sissy Jamie tried online dating.  She still felt a bit raw and jaded over the whole online dating failure thing.  Jamie pulled the silky black thigh highs over her sexy legs.   It . . . → Read More: Romantic Sissy Blind date

Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Jamie gets strong!

Romantic Sissy Jamie jumped when the doorbell rang.

Jamie, the romantic sissy,  ran to the door, half dressed in a silky navy slip and her curly blond wig.   She opened the door to see a tall muscular man, with his eye brow half cocked.

“You’re early,” Jamie said, blushing.

. . . → Read More: Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy Dating!

Romantic Sissy dating was completely new for Jamie!

Jamie woke up to find a flood of men wanting to meet her.  She ran some Diva Mac lipstick over her pouty lips and smiled gleefully.  So many men to date, she thought happily.  A text box opened and a stunning male . . . → Read More: Romantic Sissy Dating