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Romantic Sissy Jamie filed her nails for her first blind date.

Romantic Sissy Blind date!

Romantic Sissy blind date!

It had been months since Romantic Sissy Jamie tried online dating.  She still felt a bit raw and jaded over the whole online dating failure thing.  Jamie pulled the silky black thigh highs over her sexy legs.   It had been a month since she felt the hands of a strong man fondling her legs.   She pouted to herself as she debated her frustrated arousal for just sex, versus wanting a long term relationship.  Maybe this blind date would go well, and she could have a little fun.  And a relationship.

Sissy Jamie walked to the mirror and smiled at what she saw looking back!

Her electric blue silk blend dress swished when she moved her hips back and forth.  It also hugged her perfect figure.  The corset underneath did an incredible job of giving her figure feminine curves.  Jamie ran her short red nails over her dress, adjusting her silicone breasts a bit more, so they looked natural.   She loved her silicone breasts.  They looked real enough that she could wear them in her lacy blue bra.  Wearing matching panties with her bra gave her that little bit of extra confidence.  Perhaps, she thought to herself, it did mean that she was planning on having sex that night.

Or, Perhaps, she was just a huge tease, and a hopeful romantic!

Jamie added the Mac Russian Red lipstick as the final touch to her make-up, and smiled as she grabbed her purse.  It was going to be a wonderful night.  She walked into the restaurant and saw a man with a white rose sitting quietly.  He looked up, saw her. . .and smiled.  Jamie’s heart skipped.  The stranger pulled out the chair and patted it, as if to tell her to come sit down.

This beautiful man, Jamie thought was looking at Me!

To be Continued…

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone