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Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy

Romantic Jamie gets strong!

Romantic Sissy Jamie jumped when the doorbell rang.

Jamie, the romantic sissy,  ran to the door, half dressed in a silky navy slip and her curly blond wig.   She opened the door to see a tall muscular man, with his eye brow half cocked.

“You’re early,” Jamie said, blushing.

Jason scanned Jamie up and down, and smiled.  “Well, I am glad I did.”

“I won’t be but a minute, come in and make yourself comfortable.  The tv remote is on the table, feel free to watch whatever you want…”

She watched as he strode into the room and sat down on the couch, much like he owned it.  “There is something so attractive about a man that is a bit arrogant,” she thought, while prancing back to her bedroom to dress.

She picked out her cutest short blue cocktail dress.  It showed  her legs.  Jamie then accented her legs with a cute ankle bracelet and 3 inch open toe stiletto heels.   She heard him in the kitchen, making a drink, and decided it was time for make up.   Jamie added black eye liner and mascara to widen her lovely eyes, then, added some Origins foundation and lipstick.  The sales lady at that cosmetic counter had been so nice that day.  Remembering the make over day make Jamie smile.

It was then that Jamie heard moaning coming from the living room, and realized she was listening to porn.

Normally, this would not bother her, but she really was hoping for romance this time and, not just a fling.  So, she walked out into the room, and both of them were surprised.   First, yes, there was porn on the television.  This did not surprise Jamie.  The fact that he brought his own copy of a Dvd and his cock was out did surprise her.   Jamie would have thought that she would have made him jump being caught with his cock out, but, no, he just smiled at her, and asked if she wouldn’t mind helping him bust a nut?

“That’s not romantic!” she thought, as she walked over to the Dvd player and pulled out the disk and threw it at his tiny pecker.   “He didn’t even mention how pretty I was, or if he liked my dress! What a freaking Jerk!” she thought.

Take your ugly little micro dick, and get the F#ck out of my house!” Jamie said, in a deep masculine tone.

It scared him, and she smiled.  Then, she pulled out her phone and took a cute sissy selfie, cause she looked HOTMaybe it was time to go back to the online dating site and try again?

Are you a romantic sissy too?

To be Continued…

5 comments to Romantic Sissy Dating

  • Tom

    Ur picture is so fucking hot on ur new blog it get my cock dripping of precum. I would jump up in my nylons and 9 inch high heels to suck a guys cock as soon as the doorbell ring

  • i know you would Tom, but you are a slut. Jamie wants to be a lady and a real genetic woman.

  • Tom

    Can u make Jamie suck and milk my cock empty with me tied spread on ur bed with my nylons and 10 inch high heels on

  • Tom

    I love to wear my black fishnet nylons and black high heels and walk like a SLUT and show my sexy legs and u say to me spread ur legs and BEND OVER BITCH

  • Tom

    Misrtess Simone. I love being ur SLUT and I would love it if I had on my black high heels and nylons and u Took one of ur HEELS off and HEEL FUCKED me

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