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Romantic Sissy Dating

Romantic Sissy Dating!

Romantic Sissy dating was completely new for Jamie!

Jamie woke up to find a flood of men wanting to meet her.  She ran some Diva Mac lipstick over her pouty lips and smiled gleefully.  So many men to date, she thought happily.  A text box opened and a stunning male with green eyes stared staight into her heart.  His name was Jason and he sent a Hi emoji.  Jamie nearly jumped out of her chair.  They chatted for what seemed like a few minutes, but after looking at the clock was a couple of hours.  Then he popped the question…

“Can I take you out for dinner, tonight?”

Jamie could not stop smiling.   “Well, a girl has to eat, right?”  They agreed upon a time and the date was set.  Jamie was going out on her first date.  It was not just a fling but an actual date in public.   It was then that Jamie swallowed hard.  Was she going to go out on the date as the crossdresser or as the male?  Jason knew that she was gender wise, a He, but was he ready to accept that in public?   Pull yourself together, Jamie thought.  Now is not the time to have an identity crisis.  He saw her pictures, so he would see Jamie, not James.   Jamie was who she really was.  James was the male identity the people at work saw.

She pulled up her cutest peach panties and nude thigh highs.

Jason was going to be absolutely floored by how stunning this romantic sissy looked when she opened the door.  Yes, there would be genetically born women where ever he took her.  But,  his eyes were going to be on her.  She was going to be the cutest sissy he ever laid his green eyes upon!

The door bell rang.  Jason was early!

To be continued.

Do you want to be My Romantic Sissy?


Mistess Simone

6 comments to Romantic Sissy Dating

  • Tom

    I love to put on my nylons corset push up bra and my 9 and 10 inch high heels and be ur FUCKSLUT and SISSY BITCH

  • Tom

    I love the sound of high heels clicking on a hardwood floor and it get my clitty dripping with precum and wet

  • Back when I thought this all was a stage for me I never thought I could date or romantically fall for a man. But a few years ago I started to warm up to the idea of dating men. In fact if my wife left me I would definitely look to date men.

    I can’t wait to hear how Jamie’s date went.

  • Ms Simone, you are such a tease. I need you to post the next installment of “Jamie meets Jason.” Interested to know how much of a vixen Jamie really is.

  • I hate to say it but Jamie Really wants romance more than sex, so she might surprise you 🙂

  • IT makes me really happy that you guys like my writing. I enjoy creating stories.

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