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Teased Bondage

There is nothing better than a big black man in teased bondage.

Teased in bondage!

Tyrone laid on my bed with simple little under-the-bed restraints tied to his ankles and wrists.   It pleased me when I  watched as his huge cock twitched.   I pulled out a feather and ran it up and down . . . → Read More: Teased Bondage

Surprise Cock

Jamie was about to get a surprise Cock!

Surprise cock in your mouth!

She just knew a surprise cock was coming for her as she laid in bed face down.  She had already unlocked the door and was impatiently waiting for Tyrone to come over.  Part of Jamie hated that she was so . . . → Read More: Surprise Cock

Pegging August

It’s Anal August and time for some pegging.

Pegging you is fun!

Pegging is great fun for a woman to do to a man.  There is nothing better than the power of having a nice big silicone cock between your leg and pegging your male sex toy or toys.  It just feels good . . . → Read More: Pegging August

Romantic Sissy

Jamie loved being a feminine romantic sissy.

Romantic Sissy Jamie!

She walked inside her beautiful home and went straight to her closet.  “I’m such a romantic!” she thought, as she unzipped her dress all by herself by attaching a special hook to the zipper behind her neck.  Sweet Jamie felt so lucky to . . . → Read More: Romantic Sissy