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Jamie loved being a feminine romantic sissy.

Romantic Sissy Jamie

Romantic Sissy Jamie!

She walked inside her beautiful home and went straight to her closet.  “I’m such a romantic!” she thought, as she unzipped her dress all by herself by attaching a special hook to the zipper behind her neck.  Sweet Jamie felt so lucky to have such inventive devices for women that lived by themselves.  She took off her bra, along with her silicone inserts, and sat on her bed.  She still had on her sissy heels, thigh highs, and sexy black silky panties that she loved.  

Yes, the night was still young, so Jamie opened her panties drawer and pulled out her favorite dildo.

Pegging was always fun for a sexual woman like Jamie.  Of course, She knew without a doubt that it would not take long to cum given  how aroused she was due to her fantastic date with Tyrone.  She grabbed a towel she loved and eagerly slathered some lube over her chocolate toy.   Then she eased it in, while smiling dreamily.   Jamie wondered what Tyrone was doing, so she looked at the clock and thought, why not share in her bliss.

Jamie called, and Tyrone picked up on the first ring.

Guess what I’m doing?,” she purred.  Tyrone was silent, as if trying to ascertain how to answer the question.

From your breathing, I would say you were masturbating without me.” Tyrone said, grinning.

Jamie swallowed hard.   Sweet Jamie was not sure how to answer.  Luckily, Tyrone knew exactly what to do with her, and began to direct her every movement.  Jamie was quite excited, and it did not take long for her to have a sissy orgasm.  Tyrone seemed pleased with her performance and she was beaming with happiness.

Tyrone responded, much to Jamie’s surprise, “I need to be pleased tonight as well. Go unlock your front door, and lay back in bed with your cutest slip or night gown.  I’m coming back over. You will be waiting for me with a pillow between your legs and another one under your head. I want you  laying on your stomach with your eyes closed.” Jamie opened her mouth to respond.

But, before Jamie could speak, she heard the phone click and realized he was on his way back to her house.

Of course, it is to be continued, because I’m a freaking tease…

Do you want to be Jamie?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone