Docking Masturbation is a great way for straight men to experience a gay experience!


See yourself bumping your cock against his wet cock.

You can feel his slippery pre-cum while he can feel yours.  The sensation is quite intense as you masturbate together.  Now, most men now-a-days are circumcised, so they can’t actually do this ritual.  However, I have a work around for you, too!  You can feel the sensation of docking as well, without having the foreskin.

First, buy a fleshlight that is nice and long. 

Or, get a two sided silicone tube.  You want to get a water based lube and get it really slippery. Next, both you and your gay lover need to enter from opposite sides of the tube.  Both of you will work that tube together until you fill the tube and cum into the tube together.   The sensation of feeling your lover cum on your cock head will be one that you will not soon forget.

Imaging cumming on each other’s cock heads at the same time!

I believe I would call that true love.  Or, perhaps at least true lust!  Either way, it’s a new sensation to try after you are finished giving your lover a nice unfinished blow job.  Here’s your opportunity to do something special for him that he’s never felt before.  Only, careful, once he’s experienced this it will most likely be his favorite sex act for a while!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone