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Sissy talk is fun for the girl that just wants to feel pretty.

sissy talk!

I love feeling beautiful when I go out and wearing clothes that makes me feel hot.  Believe it or not, I typically don’t buy designer clothes.   I am just fine going to the Dillard’s outlet and picking up last seasons’ clothing dirt cheap.  I love the concept of the treasure hunt.  This is real sissy talk.  Where do you go to get awesome deals on clothing?

The outlet stores are such gemstones!

I once got a Neiman Marcus velvet coat for 20 dollars.  Some things just don’t go out of style.  If it looks good on you, then flaunt it!  This is sissy fashion 101.  Buy your hair at a beauty supply store in an ethnic part of town.  You will find that the quality is just as good or sometimes better than the upscale boutiques that charge four times the price.   It’s all about the fit and the fabric, so, if you aren’t a bargain shopper, go on you tube and learn to sew.

It’s okay if you start out slow. 

Sewing can be great for stress relief!

Imagine making breathtaking gowns that fit your frame perfectly.  Now, it might take some times to get to that point, but one of the starter patterns is one for a pull over dress.  You could make it in a knit, or something cute with a floral pattern. Take sissy pride in making something all by yourself.  Or, take a class with other ladies and make some new friends!

Want to talk more about your sissy needs?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone