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Sissy Maid Betty bend over for me while she dusted my home.

Sissy Maid cocksucker!

She wore the cutest little blue french maid outfit with matching royal blue block heels.  Sissy Betty smiled at me, and shook her cute little ass.  I was playing some music and she swayed her plump little bottom to the beat.  It made me happy to see her so joyful with life.

Betty beamed with delight when she rubbed up against Gordon.

He did not push her away as she caressed his goatee.  Instead, he pulled her closer and rubbed her sensitive nipples.  Gordon pushed her petite head down to his bulging pants.   I watched as little Betty unzipped Gordon with her teeth.  She used her mouth to pull his large aching cock out of his pants.  Gordon groaned with delight, as he felt her slippery tongue bathing his eager, hungry cock.

Suck my cock sissy,” Gordon groaned.

He pushed his cock hard down her throat.  Sissy Betty was pleased that her mouth was making my husband so happy.  I ran my fingers through Betty’s soft hair and whispered in her ear.  “Suck it cock sucking sissy.   Let that giant cock just slide down your throat.  Open your mouth to that beautiful cock and taste it Betty!”

“Do you like tasting my husband’s cock Betty?

Sissy Betty looked up at me as a response and smiled.  She licked her hungry lips.  I know how desperately she wanted to eat my husband’s load of cum.  Betty knew how delicious his cum was from the last time he came on her face.  Now, Betty was about to get the cum directly from the source and she could hardly wait.

Are you a Sissy Cocksucker too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone