Coerced Bi-sexuality brings me a great deal of JOY!

Coerced Bi-sexuality is fun

Coerced Bi-sexuality

I love the sad, pathetic look on your frumpy face when I tell you that you are going to suck a cock for me.  Oh, you know I don’t care that you’re straight.  I actually prefer men that are virgins to sucking cock, or even homophobic.  You find the idea of sucking a cock to be rather gross. You most certainly don’t understand the concept behind coerced bi-sexuality.  But, you really want to be with me.  It’s almost an obsession how much you want me!

I love using the power of greed and lust against you!

It’s fun really knowing what morals and/or ethics you will break about yourself, just for the possibility to be with a Goddess such as myself.  First, I convince you to suck a cock – once.  Then, I decide you are really not very good at it, so you need to practice. You will need to practice A LOT!  Once you are good at sucking cock, I will allow you to put your penis inside of Me!

That’s the big reward for just  sucking cock! (and worth it..)

Here’s the problem.  Once you get to be really good at sucking cock, you like it.  I’ve quite literally turned you bi-sexual at this point.  You are now at the point that you no longer think about pussy, but about having a cock in your mouth.  I don’t even allow you to get erect without having a cock in your hand or in your mouth.  Doing this retrains your mind and your cock to need it in order to have an erection. I know, I know, I’m a sneaky witch!

Doesn’t this sound like fun?

It sounds like a great time to Me!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone