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Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

 Dickbreath Sissy Jamie is such a little faggot!

Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

What can I say? I think she is just the belle of the ball at any event!  Dickbreath Sissy Jamie went shopping this afternoon wearing her cutest little panties under her jeans.  She wore her cutest little red thong, while shopping for some matte cock sucking lipstick.  This is where I appeared.  I walked up to little Dickbreath and purred in her pretty pierced ears. . .

“I think the girls at work will know if you wear this one!”

Next, I ran my scarlet nails over the racks of Loreal Infallible lipstick tubes, ’til I reached the name, “Forbidden kiss.”  My eyes lit up with the same menacing color as the lipstick while I hummed under my breath.  “This is the color that you will use when you are on your knees pleasing a man for Halloween.  It’s important that your lips are plump and ready, just like his tasty cock.”

My smile terrified Sissy Jamie, as she grabbed the lipstick and pranced to the register.

It was not until she returned to her car that I appeared again in her back seat, smiling gleefully.  The scared little squeak that Dickbreath made was so gratifying to my wet pussy!  I watched as she smeared the lipstick, and then blotted it expertly.  She smiled nervously at me, as if afraid to speak.

“The girls at work will love those pouty juicy lips when you wear that lipstick.” I said.

“Do you think that if I wear this lipstick, they will be attracted to me?” she said in a nervous stutter.

I did not say a word, but, instead just observed her silently.  “Why, yes, Jamie, all the women will be attracted to you sexually if you wear that lipstick.  No one there will see you as a cock sucking little faggot any more.  I promise you, My sweet beautiful girl, that both men and women will see you for exactly what you are and it will be quite exciting!”

Sissy Jamie licked her lips in anticipation as I disappeared.

Are you a cock sucking Sissy too?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone

5 comments to Dickbreath Sissy Jamie

  • Tom

    I would love to buy lipstick to suck dick but I would have to wear my pink push up bra pink sheer nylons pink panties with my dick hanging out and my 9 inch high heels on my knees sucking dick

  • Dick Breath Sissy JayMe

    Thanks so much for your help Mistress Simone. This shade is so pretty on my lips (or, “cock pillows” as some LDW Dommes refer to them).
    For any other gal interested in a georgeous lip color with truly durable staying power, l recommend L’Oréal lnfallible Pro Matte Gloss. My shade is #310 Forbidden Kiss. Don’t be put off by the label- it says gloss and applies like gloss but dries to a soft matte finish without drying my lips.
    Mistress assured me on our call that this brand really is blowjob proof, so l can’t wait to give it the test.

  • Ms Simone, a very nice story about the power that can be found in just the right tube of lipstick. I am glad to read Dickbreath looks her finest now.

  • I do love to see that you’re letting your spirit go forth to guide sexy slutty DickBreath towards the perfect cocksucking shade of lipstick. I bet she looked like a total cock whore in that pretty color!


  • Thank you Ms. Harper!! XOXOXO

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