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Giving your Mistress body worship pleasure is important!

I know I love having a submissive confess to me how much he wants to pleasure me.   Body worship can come in all forms of teasing and desire.  I love when a man tells me what he is going to do to me, while not doing it.   It is even better when he whispers it in my ear.

Pleasure Me Now!

Pleasure Me!

Nibble on my toes, my little pet!

You can start with my toes, and work your tongue in between, as well.  I love the feeling of your teeth as they gently rub against my toes.  They tug and tease and pleasure me to no end.   Then you continue your oral servitude by working your way up my calves and behind my knees.  Oh, yes, my little sex toy, that is a VERY sensitive spot.

Never miss an important spot when you are worshiping my body!

Skip my pussy, and move your way to my cute little belly button.  It’s an innie, so you should stick your tongue in it and giggle softly when you do it.  I like to feel you move slowly up to my breasts.  I absolutely love having my breasts sucked on.  Hell, I love having them breathed on.  About anything will excite my breasts, except for pinching.  If you pinch my breasts, I will instantly inflict cock and ball torture!!

Now, where were we? Oh yes, caressing My breasts!!

You can easily stay there for a while.  I won’t get tired.  But, after maybe a half hour or so, you can move on to my neck.  I enjoy nibbling and small little kisses there – that makes me squeal with delight.   You can be sure that I will turn over on my tummy after that.  Now it’s time to work your way back down to my cute little bottom, and my pussy. You will be there for a at least an hour, so I hope your tongue doesn’t get tired!!

Do you want to worship Me?

Then tell me all about it!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone