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Tommy loves CBT (cock and ball torture…)

There is nothing better to Tommy than having his balls tied up nice and tight.  He always squeaks so adorably when I squeeze those full balls.  Then, I pull on his balls, and he grunts in pain.  CBT really excites Me and gets Me very wet.  Knowing that a man is taking pain to please Me makes Me want to give him more.  I love men that have a high threshold for it – as long as they are safe and sane!

CBT is fun!

“Role play is a great way to feel like you are doing more cock and ball torture,” I say to Tommy.

First, you put the clothes pins on your balls.  Then, you do something to distract yourself.  You want to quite literally forget that you are wearing this painful little accessory.  This is where I come in to play.  I can distract you from your pain, and help you forget that the clothes pins are even there.  I love the scream in my ear when you take the clothes pins off after, say, an hour!

The screams of pain and pleasure are even better if you are stroking when the clothes pins are removed!  Talk about a ruined orgasm….

Ahhh, yes, the orgasm that is mixed with intense pain is a whole new dimension of torture.  But, truly, it’s great for both of us!   I love telling you about how I am going to take you to a party and have you crawl on the floor for Me while My friends watch and laugh at your pain.  No one would ever want to actually have sex with you.  You are just not that type of man.

You are a whipping boy, Tommy!

This means that you were put here to please My sadistic side!

Are you into CBT as well?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone