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Spread the cheer with holiday CBT!holiday cbt

It’s the holiday season and it’s already cold so why not spread some cheer by doing a little bit of holiday CBT?  Every lady loves a bit of cock and ball torture for her holiday enjoyment.  I know I love being a voyeur to that type of of ball stretching fun.  First, let’s go ahead and pull out those aching balls.  You know you are not allowed to cum till Christmas day.  Well, some Mistresses say the new year, so it’s really up to them.   I like the concept of you starting now and not cumming till the 25th of December.  It will be better than opening presents when you finally get to cum!

No cumming so might as well do a bit of cock and ball torture.

It will help a lot with the frustration of not cumming till Christmas.  So, let’s go ahead and start stroking.  You know how to do that part.  Next, go ahead and and hit your cock.   Don’t just hit it a little bit.  Smack that cock for frustrating you for years at a time.   Hit that cock for getting those annoying erections at inconvenient times.  Next, pull out those clothes pins and give your balls a nice healthy pull.

It’s so much fun seeing your balls pulled like you dislike them.

It makes me giggle just watching you in agony.  Now, it’s time to put some fun clothes pins on those balls.  Don’t be afraid to be creative with it.   I once saw a submissive draw a smiley face on the clothes pins and then thump the face.  Every time he thumped it, he would leak and scream just a little bit.  He told me it was more intense than an orgasm, so naturally he loved it!

Sound like fun?  It sounds like fun to ME!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone