Super freak sissy is My slutty type of gurl.

Super freak slutty sissy knows how to twerk and knows how to whirl.  She can get ass up and face down with all the baddest gurls.  She has a Tumblr page that is about to banned for all her naughty bits.  Girlfriend even has a little bitty clit.  I met super freak sissy on a cold winter’s day.  She told me she was about to get down and dirty and play.

super freak sissy!

Super Freak Sissy!

The music was thumping and she was bumping up against my ass.

Dirty super freak sissy would rub up against anyone that would hold still for more than a second.  She loved to play with anyone that wanted to play.  I’m just saying super freak sissy would do anyone, today.  She is the fan favorite and the best in the band. I even saw super freak sissy play the drums, almost like a man.

Next, super freak sissy will beat it off on the drums.

She can pound one out and make it really stick.  I know her clitty is as hard as a brick.  Going to rock and roll, and hit it and I’m going to watch.   When my super freak sissy, steps down from the band, she is going to strip off her boy clothes, and no longer be a man.  Underneath that loose pair of jeans, is a super cute mini dress, short and green.

This is when she decides to run up against everyone she can.

She loves to be a drummer but prefers not to be a man!

Are you a super freak sissy too? Happy Freakin Holidays!


Mistress Simone