Are you able to ride a BBC like a boss?

If so, I have a fun role play for both of us.  I absolutely ADORE role play.  I add it to pretty much every call, to some degree.  Life is better with spice, in my opinion, and I like mine HOT!  One of my favorite role plays, lately, involves your black boss and your wife.   BBC Cuckold role plays really make me wet. Times are hard right now, and you would do just about anything to get ahead in life.

You would even consider whoring out your wife to your boss if it meant a big raise.

BBC Cuckold boss

BBC Cuckold Boss!

Can you imagine getting her ready for your domineering boss?  It’s so damn humiliating to know that you are not as good in bed as he is, since you have to watch them.  First, he has her making sounds you haven’t heard from her since you were dating, then she starts making noises you’ve NEVER heard her make!  Then, knowing he makes more money is even more frustrating for you.  Yes, it’s difficult being a little cuck to a better man than yourself.  He is taller, more educated, and in better shape than you are.  Now, add the fact that he makes more money.

We are not even going to discuss his manly cock size.

Your mouth opened in awe when you saw it.  It was even more majestic than the porn you’ve been watching lately .  Seeing a porn in person is far better, and definitely more intimate.  Now, your boss is looking at you to get him hard for your wife.  Of course, you are not gay.  You have absolutely no desire to suck a cock.  It actually disgusts you.

They say every man has a price…

What’s yours?

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone