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Be a Cum dumpster, My little pet!

Cum Dumpster

Suck IT Cum Dumpster!

It feels really good to obey your Fem Dom.  There is nothing more pleasing to you than hearing a command and following it.  I enjoy giving you commands and having you hear and follow those orders.  I know how addicted you are to watching porn.  You can’t help yourself, watching those blow job clips over and over again, except you aren’t thinking of the girl sucking that cock.  What you are imagining is your pouty lips on that thick cock.  You know you are a cum dumpster. I know it too, so let’s talk about it!

Throw your head back over the edge while laying on your bed.

Your head should be hanging over the edge of the bed, my little cum dumpster.  You will be the star of My porno as the pizza guy walks in and takes advantage of my generosity.  He puts down the pizza and walks over to your eager little mouth.  I command the pizza guy to place his big balls in your mouth, then I laugh as he follows my command.  You lick his balls happily, because you are an obedient little slut.  I can appreciate any slut that knows how to give a good blow job.

You know how much you crave a cock in your mouth!

Suck that cock like the cum dumpster that you know you were born to be.  I want to see you look at the guys I have lined up for that pretty mouth of yours.  Yes, you are well loved!  Well, you are as long as your mouth is open..

Does this sound like a fun night to you?

It does to ME!! XOXOXOX

Mistress Simone