Dedicated to all the men out there that love a bit of cruel chastity.

Cruel Chastity!

First, and foremost, what is cruel chastity? Well, it’s teasing your lover or submissive male while he is in chastity.  There is nothing quite like the joy of sending revealing pictures to your partner, when you know they are nicely caged.  I would normally state the more the revealing the picture, the better.  But, for some cruel chastity fun, it’s good to tease him until he is dripping like a happy female.

Men really don’t know how to climax like a woman.

Let’s face it, we can go days, or weeks without cumming if we set our mind to it.  We can also have the most profound orgasms (always plural) possible.  What do men get?  Hmmm, definitely not as much bang for the buck.  They get the incredible need and desire for sex, but don’t feel the all over orgasms that we do.  With cruel chastity, your man will have the chance to feel that state of frustrated arousal for long periods of time.

But, it’s no fun unless the teasing is torture.

I enjoy licking the penis cage while looking up, as if a hungry predator.  Sometimes, I gently bite the cage while smiling. Then, I kiss the tip of he cock cage and giggle softly.. Next, I go shopping for lingerie.  It’s important, when shopping, that you send lots of pictures of the items  you are considering.  It’s best practice for you to take your selfies from the dressing room, so you know that your items will fit properly when you get home.  🙂  You definitely want him to know what you are buying with his money. When you get home, stick the Victoria Secret’s bag on the table, where he will see it, and put on an ugly pair of sweats and a sports bra.  Bonus points if you crank up the air conditioner.  It’s a triple win, since it makes his dick into a clit, your nipples perky, and snuggling  favorable.

Now, you are ready to throw on the Netflix, pop some popcorn and chill out with your eager boyfriend that will not be getting laid!

Sounds like fun to me!!

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone