Being bitchy is loads of fun for me.   I LOVE both  bitchy humiliation and CBT.  I do believe bitchiness is one of my favorite hobbies. That, and cock and ball torture.  Sometimes I enjoy putting them together.  Imagine, if you will, being restrained.  Your hands are behind your back and you are blindfolded.  You also have no idea how many people are in the room.  You are told that they are all beautiful, breath taking  models.  While you – well, you are definitely NOT a model.  You are more like the ugly guy in the back of the room at a party that is shy because he knows deep down that he is pretty gross looking..

Next, I LOVE feeling your aching Cock and ball pain!

Humiliation CBT

Humiliation is fun!

You know, self actualization and knowing how unattractive you are can be really freeing and quite liberating.  If you know you are not attractive, you can work on other qualities, like being funny, versus just funny looking, or maybe making a lot of money.  Women will stay with someone that makes them laugh.  Of course, making money is important for any stable relationship that is supposed to work.  Now, for all of you little cocked guys, I think to myself, how very sad. . .and funny.   But, I digress, where were we?   Oh yes, your ugly ass was restrained.

Tiny wrinkled aching balls are Wonderful!

You wrinkled tiny little balls all tied up with an icy cold fan on them.  Just writing this is making me smile.  I really hope you are enjoying reading it half as much I enjoy doing it.  Now, your cock is being a little hermit because it’s cold.  So, therefore, I am compelled to use an ice cube to pull him out.  Maybe, I’ll put that ice cube in my mouth first.  Then go down to your hiding cock.  I bet it won’t be hiding for long!  I’ll just keep in on your balls till your cock comes out to play.

Finally, Let’s play Hit those balls!

So, I guess we are going to freeze your balls OR I’m going to get my own way. So, now, your tiny dicklet has made its grand appearance.  I pull out the crop to welcome it.  I can almost see it trying to wiggle its way away from me.  Luckily, my fast little fingers grab it before you can escape.  You’re mine now, My pretty cocklet.   I know I’ve been gone for a while, but I’m back and ready for some humiliation and CBT.   It’s like an old friend that you never get tired of using.  I meant riding after using.  I tend to get these things mixed up at times.  Aren’t they pretty close to being the same?

Would you enjoy playing these sort of games with me tonight?   I want to hear you spank yourself.   I want to berate you and hear you cry.  It’s all for fun, and admit it, I’m much better than any therapist.  I actually LET you cum at the end.  Imagine that…

I’ll be talking to you soon.

Hugs and Kisses!

Mistress Simone