It’s December and time to think about a Cuckold Hot Air Balloon!

I was in my spa bath tub last night that my husband had just cleaned thinking about what little 2023 excursion would really turn me on.  Then I started to think about what things haven’t I done yet?  I know, my readers are thinking it’ not that long of a list.  Surprise!  It actually is pretty long when it comes to travelling.  There are many destinations, both in the United States and outside of the U.S., that I have never been.  I have however, been to Vegas and LOVED it! 

Sometimes I wish I had gone ziplining across Freemont street.   I also have never gone bungee cord jumping or dropped out of a plane. Can you imagine doing all of those things naked?  I KNOW!   I really need to get out more.   A friend showed me a picture of a hot air balloon, where he looked really happy.  Well, why not add to that happiness by adding sex?  Presto, the cuckold hot air balloon idea was hatched   It’s been torturous, in that it has been chirping at me ever since!

What would happen during said cuckold hot air balloon, Simone?

Cuckold Hot air ballon

Cuckold Hot Air Ballon

So happy you asked?  So Fcking happy! Oh, and just a little XMAS humiliation hint since that’s my specialty, if someone tells you they are just so HAPPY to see you, do that for you, or know you, then it means they HATE YOU!   Also, bless your heart means FCK YOU IN THE SOUTH.  (I’m from the South.)    Now, where did my ADHD addled brain put that sexy fantasy?  Ah yes here it is, right here under my pussy.  Ironically, I was sitting on it the whole time.   So, here’s the fantasy.  Everyone on the hot air balloon either has been tested and clean or has agreed to use condoms.  The blind folds are then put on the receivers.  Now, depending on the balloon, we might have a cuckold version, a gay version, or a bisexual  version.

My fantasy is the Bisexual Swinger party!

I want to be blind folded, holding my husbands hand, while he is also blindfolded.  Then, we have no idea who licks, sucks, or screws us.  Isn’t that romantic? It’s up to the person driving the balloon or his assistant to take off the masks at the end once we have come back to the ground.  I say this since, sometimes people can’t help themselves and jealousies do occasionally occur, so it’s better to be on the ground before the truth telling comes out.  Now, can you imagine if hubby had to watch while six or seven other guys pleasured me?  He would be there to ensure the condom was used, and no one did anything I didn’t like.  However, imagine how jealous my cuckold would become seeing everyone fck me, leaving him left behind.

That cuckold humiliating thought makes me wet at night!

Want more cuckold?

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