Hello fans!  I know it’s been a while, but like all things great, sometimes the best things in life take a while – but once it gets going, the orgasm is unreal!  Wait a minute, what were we talking about?  Oh yes, Sex in the city with YOU!  Hmmm, first let’s pick a city.  Remember, this is choosing your own adventure, so you can be anywhere or anyone.  You can fck anyone and be anywhere with Me while I tease the hell out of you! Sometimes I have just a little bit of a romantic lusty need for you, yes, you my beloved reader.  Can I help it that I want all of you?   Not all at once, but my romantic lusty teasing energy can be quite intense!

Bends over for a REAL man!

Understandably, I require many lovers to satisfy my sexual appetites.

Sometimes, it’s not just teasing since I love multiple orgasms!

Lucky for YOU Sweetheart!  

Just understand that no matter how good you are in bed are, I will always have men other than you…

I can’t help it. I love diversity and spice when it comes to sex! Plus teasing you is Fun!

You know you are excited when I get dressed up and go out to dinner.  We rarely make it to the movie before we go back to your place.  I mean, we talk about the movie, after we have sex, before dinner.  Let’s face it, no one can come to my door and not get a hard on.  It’s just not possible.  Men are just naturally drawn to me.   I can have whatever I want, and it is rare that I don’t get it.  I mean, if I don’t get it, I clearly don’t need or want it.  But when we leave my place in your spotless car, I don’t care about what model it is, as long as it’s clean and when we walk into the restaurant, we both turn heads. Everybody knows I’m a teasing little demon.

You take me to a restaurant overlooking downtown.  It’s beautiful looking down on the city.  I think of this as I look deep into eyes and contemplate how good that plump cock felt inside of me earlier. I am wearing my demon red dress with a slit running up the side. I know your cock likes this because as you sip your drink, I feel you sipping my romantic lusty energy. I know this because my body tingles as you stare at me.  I love it when you stare into my eyes and tell me how beautiful I am.  However, I love it more when you stare into my eyes and tell me how intelligent I am.

I want a role-play of a dinner date with you My beloved reader!

Then, I want to make fun of your cock during dessert! Hell, I’ll make fun of you while we are fcking!

I know my intelligence terrifies you sometimes.  My intuition sometimes scares me.  But it’s okay, I may be a lusty demon, but at least I’m also sweety romantic when we are out in public.  I mean, there are several ways to get to Hell.  I just like to pick the fun ways where I can tease your cock and destroy your male ego with humiliation. 🙂  One example of this is telling you all the dirty things I’m going to do to you between sips of my drink.  I wonder why women put out so quickly without this form of foreplay in our society. I LOVE driving you wild knowing you’re going to penetrate me deeply back at your place.

I can’t help it. I’m just a sex positive nympho.

Can’t you Feel My tantric teasing energy for you right now?

It’s more fun to play cat and mouse.  I even enjoy switching the chase.  Sometimes I am holding you, while other times I’m holding you face down.   As long as you are adventurous mentally, we can explore our bodies and what makes each of us touch divinity. The best orgasms happen when you lose yourself in them and forget where, or even who you are.  Ever had one of those out of body orgasms?  These are absolutely unforgettable!

.  It’s like nothing else on Earth, and once you have one, there’s nothing else you can think about. Perhaps, this is why I’m so obsessive about Sex.  Maybe, I am a Nympho after all, and a sex positive Slut.  But I’m also a Queen, a Goddess, and your newest addiction.

Hugs and Kisses!



Evil Mistress, Sweeter than sugar Goddess, Queen, and Succubus Demon