Sissy Rhonda wants to be Faith’s bitch.  But, who is Faith?  Glad you asked, Faith is a breathtaking lady with no idea that sissy Rhonda wants to bed her.  He wants her desperately.  Rhonda wants to lick her from head to toe, but focus on that beautiful luscious ginger pussy.

Sissy wants to lick her hairy pussy.

I’m trimmed, but I respect the hairy pussy and LOVE LOVE LOVE that Faith does not shave hers.  I bet she forces guys to lick her hairy pussy and would LOVE to see sissy Rhonda lick that pussy till his mouth hurts.  Sissy lives to serve.  He also wants to send all sorts of exotic naked pictures of himself to his unrequited love.  I told him I was not sure about this, and that he should ask her out to dinner first.  This is his confessional to me that he begged me to put on my blog.

I LOVE to please My fans!!

Let’s talk about what I think Faith would be like in bed.  I think she would smell like cinnamon or something spicy and HOT!  I think her pussy would taste like a Snickerdoodle cookie.  You could lick her all day and she would still taste really sweet.  I’m getting excited just thinking about it.   Sissy Rhonda is my little whore.  He loves to jerk his cock for Me.  This too, excites me so Faith is going to have to become Poly and learn to share.  It’s okay, I like sharing my guys with others.

I wonder what Faith’s breasts look like.  I mean I would love to see some large areolas on that beautiful brown skin. Just the thought of this concept excites slut so much that he pulls out his pretty panties and begins to hump his pillow girlfriend wishing it was Faith.   I think we both know how much the panties excite this whore.  He can’t wait to get home to put them on.

Sissy whore loves to wear panties~

Pink is his favorite color I’m saying He because sissy is a He/whore.slut.  He has a beard right now and looks highly masculine.  Faith would have no idea that secretly he loves to be a sissy whore and jerk his little cock for me.  Slut wants to be Faith’s bitch so desperately.  He would do anything to please her. Whore quite literally won’t stop touching his little dick right now and it’s driving me crazy!

Mistress Madison is now playing with us!

She is a gorgeous lady that is helping me put this whore in line.  Poor Faith had to deal with a sissy whore all by herself.  But, now, we are here to teach Faith how to take charge and make Sissy Rhonda an obedient slut.   When we get back to the house, Sissy will be busy cleaning up lots of cum with his oral skills.  I know Mistress Madison has a lot of cum inside her right now due to her boyfriend, James.   In Slut’s fantasy, Faith smiled at the thought of this and confessed that she too has a boyfriend that loves to have sex with her. So, I watched Faith dial her boyfriends’ number and tell him to meet us at Sissy Ronda’s house.  Her boyfriend, Tom, wanted to see a picture of Sissy posing for him.   So, Faith sends a video of Sissy humping the bed.

Tom could not stop laughing at Sissy

What happened next?  Believe it or not, Slut switched to another lady named ?. You will read about her in the next blog.   This was an ex that poor Rhonda could not please.  Let’s face it, can he please anyone with that tiny cock?  Hmmm, I don’t think so.  Women deserve better than a tiny cock.  They deserve something big, and long.  If it doesn’t satisfy, then the guy better be able to lick for hours.  Or, he can make a lot of money and lick my boyfriend.  This also works and suits me just fine.


I love Humiliation

Sissy Rhonda loves Faith Confessional



(It feels good to be bad…)