Sissy Rhonda is a Cum eater!

So, the second confessional that Sissy Rhonda told me tonight is that He is sometimes a cum eater.  Wait, he is always a cum eater.  Let’s be honest.  He also told me that he thinks about his Ex, Lanita whenever he eats his own cum.  It’s such a sweet story really.  He adored Lanita in High School and College and never told her.  It was not until after college that they dated.

Still, Lanita had no idea he ate his own cum!

Sissy Rosario cum eater

Sissy Rhonda CUM eater!

WOW!  So, here, Sissy Rhonda is cumming out to all the ladies he always wanted to tell that he is a sissy cum loving bitch.  He loves to eat cum.  Rhonda even told me he would eat cum out of Venita just to be with her.  Oh, that is so adorable!!

I LOVE having the cum eaten out of me!

He loves drinking her full of cum, or anything else and adores her loose pussy.  Sissy knows that Lanita has a good time with men.  Rhonda understands that these guys may not be him, but he loves to go down on her when she is full of cum.  There is no better feeling than pleasing a woman that knows what she wants and loves to have many multiple orgasms.  I completely agree with this!

I love many orgasms as well!

Lanita and I have so much in common with each other.  I could see the two of us having coffee in New York on Times Square and watching the hot guys.  I’m pretty sure we would be competitive about who could get the most guys.  We might even keep Sissy Rhonda on a leash by our side while we sip coffee and contemplate who we will take home. Everyone in New York City will know what a sissy whore Rhonda is and we gladly will tell everyone that he loves a creampie.

Sissy Rhonda has a tiny cock!

I think that everyone has figured out that my whore has a tiny cock.  However, I just wanted to make that fact clear.  The reason Faith and Lanita are not with Sissy Rhonda is because he is so tiny downstairs and these ladies deserve a nice big fat cock between their legs. Even with that being the case, Sissy whore is great at licking pussy and that is exactly why I would keep him around.  It is also the reason why Lanita and I would parade him around on a leash while we went shopping. He can jerk off with one hand and his cock just disappears.~

It feels good to be bad 🙂