Dearest Beloved slaves to Me,

Your Succubus Mistress has been living in the hellish heat of Texas and this will NOT do for me.  I need to fly north where it’s cold and frosty.  I imagine going to a hotel that has a balcony and silently stepping outside barefoot onto the snow.  Yes my beloved slaves to me, it was 110 here, I WANT MF snow!!   (Back to my vacation planning…) Maybe I am wearing a cherry blossom silk robe that I can easily open, just for a moment.  I mean it’s not like my nipples don’t get hard for no reason, at any time, and typically to men, I’m not even interested in bedding.  But hey, my nipples are rather slutty.  They would be happy being sucked by every person on a train and still want more. (But, who’s counting.)

Beloved slaves to Me

PRAY to My pussy, My beloved slaves to Me.:)


Where was I?

I love my neurodivergent brain!

Oh Yes, my beloved slaves! I was bitching about the heat that Hell would be jealous of having.  So, the agenda is a little bit of a surprise, but Pikes Peak was one of the things mentioned by my two husbands and FK Toy.  Ah.. Colorado mountains are so pretty. The goal is to cum back to Texas in December.  It will hopefully not feel like it’s a sauna here at that time and I can return.

I guess I really must be a Demon Mistress since the heat burns me. Maybe I need a whipping boi that can take the pain for me.  That sort of submissive would greatly please Me.   Other things that please Me would include begging, begging, and oh YES, begging.

Unfortunately for you, my beloved slaves to me, begging will not bring me back till I am fully and happily full of cum. I know denial sucks, so I guess you will have to practice sucking your dildos with other LDW Mistresses.

Favorite LDW Mistresses that I have played with

There are so many awesome Mistresses that I’ve adored playing with over the years. Here is a brief list and please keep in mind that there are many Mistresses that I have never played with personally to be able to rate either way.

I ADORE Mistress Mandy with her infectious laugh.  She makes a great loving wife roleplay or just a great listener.  If you are looking for that sort of thing. Mistress Courtney, Lilly, Rachel, and Amber are incredibly fun but easily cruel to men.  I wholeheartedly approve!  Next, Mistress Olivia is hands down the best storyteller that I’ve ever met!  She is meticulously detailed in her storytelling.  She makes me think of Anne Rice so if you are into details, she’s your Lady, hands down

If you want a kind loving older Mistress, you can’t go wrong with Mistress Freda.   I met her in person a lifetime ago and she was the sweetest mature lady. I bet she would let you suck on her nipples and pussy for hours.  Hmmm,  I also liked Mistress Stephenie, Mistress Scarlet, and Mistress Andi but did not play with them enough to pick up on their specialties.  I guess you will have to just taste the rainbow of flavors.

Let’s see Mistress Willow is an intelligent breathtaking trip.  Mistress Tia is a sensual Mistress who will dance inside of your head, very very talented.  This leads me to Mistress HarperShe already has a Master’s degree and is so incredibly intelligent about sex. sex tantra and everything else really.  Be careful as she has a Psychology degree so she also tends to get inside your head when you least expect it.  Since she is also my friend outside of this world, I would recommend her to the moon and stars.  (I know between being cruel, I’m actually a loving romantic, but don’t tell anyone.)

Love you slave bois, sissies, pain sluts, romantics at heart, and those slaves to me.

Finally, Following the slave KISS method of keeping it sincerely simple, I shall be back with fun stories of my escapades and devilment.

See you for XMAS where I will be your treat and favorite present to yourself!