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About Me

Caution Roleplays ahead!

Caution Roleplays ahead!

  I have years controlling men.  I’m 33 and been with Enchantrix since 2009 so I know my way around a cock.    I have also always had the remarkable gift of knowing just what to say to make boys My toys.  I also have a little bit of a philosophy about them.   Boys are like jewelry, you may Love a great piece, but there is always going to be another one.  I am a collector of Jewelry, Men, sex toys,  and swords…..

You are looking at a VERY dirty girl.  I love Role Play in ALL forms of the game!!

I also Love strap on’s, floggers, paddles, chastity devices, canes, candle wax and almost anything else that is kinky.   I have a leather paddle with a sweet little heart that I keep right next to my bed.

Why?   So, I can spank My husband whenever the urge arises in me.

 (and he loves to be spanked)

Or, perhaps you would like to speak about my live in sissy and what I also call My second husband, Anthony or (Sissy Ann).   She also loves being spanked but only over my knee when wearing her pretty panties…

If you are looking for an adventure seeking Mistress that Loves to push limits, then I’m your girl.  If you are a sissy slut that is scared of your own shadow, well…, (giggling) I LOVE to play with your kind as well….

As a Gemini, I can be bitchy and strict or sweet and innocent.  It really just matters what you are looking for as I pretty much like it all!

Confess to ME your dirty secrets and be set free!

Check out My FREE Audio Mp3’s boys.  I put My newest one’s on My tumblr page.



28 comments to About Me

  • john

    I hate that u dominate me so easily…

  • Empress Simone

    No you LOVE it 🙂

  • door mat

    Simone = Best Mistress Ever.

  • Adam

    I wish you had years of controlling men like myself as you have the remarkable gift of knowing just what to say to make me your toy!

    Despite your youth, I love that you have had years of experience doing this!

    I wish I knew if this was how you are in reality!

  • Adam

    I know that I could be aching for You (I love that “You” is capitalized as you are a Goddess)!

    I wish you would tease my cock to the very edge of release!

    I am in so much torment; and, agony when I look at your beauty!

    I recently lost my job via stress (keep this private please; and, don’t post). It was a job I had for nine years. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a woman to be my partner to comfort me on a daily basis, so my stress kept building up!

    I wish I still had my job so I could call you!

    My urge to cum is unbearable to live with!

    I live alone; and, have no wife or girlfriend to take care of me by talking to me; or, providine me with emotional and physical comfort and support!

    I wish you could be a part of my daily life.

    This is agony for me to tell you this as I don’t even know you! I wish my agony would go away!

    You are right that it is so incredible, I just want it to end!

    I wish I could afford an MP3 so you could reward me. I wish your voice on the MP3 would drive me crazy during the day!

    I would love to listen to five podcasts daily without touching myself without touching myself!

    I would love to play your game to see if it is well worth it!

    I wish you knew exactly what to say to comfort me to make me your toy!

    Maybe, if I was more attractive; and, knew how to talk to a woman I wouldn’t be so lonely!

    I fantasize about you picking me up in a club where you many times feel like a man, primal in your need to penetrate!

    I would love to know how you would transform MY life into a waking, constant, endless, living nightmare!

    I wish I could be free to give into my needs as I give into you; and, be truly free!

    I really loved the picture of you in your “throne” where you wore a black garment! I love how strong your arms are (much, much, MUCH stronger than mine)! I love how your huge chest was peeking out the top, indicating that you are so much stronger than I am; and, could easily take advantage of me!

    My cock is aching in full erection as I see your thick, sexy, strong thigh that you are lifting to cross your leg! I wish I could kiss; and, touch your thigh if you find me worthy!

  • Empress Simone

    I am happy you have been doing your research on Me

  • Empress Simone

    It’s good when you are in agony for your goddess.

  • Adam

    I also have a deep interest in the paranormal; and, I am curious if you are to.

  • Empress Simone

    Huge fan of anything fantasy, paranormal or sci fi :)! I am also a big Doctor who fan :). Saturday nights I host a doctor who party. What can I say, I embrace My inner geek!

  • Adam

    Succubi Simone –

    I know that I could really fall deeply for a succubi like You!

    I am glad that you are a huge fan of anything fantasy, paranormal; and, sci-fi! I would love to have a mistress who shared my interest in this area.

    One of my interests in this field is in regards to abandoned mental hospitals that are haunted, especially the ones that have underground catacombs (perhaps this is something you could use in one of your blogs?)

    This is random; but, I have a book that has some information about abandoned mental hospitals (which I have no idea of if you are interested in this subject); but, I would love to share some information…

    I don’t know if you are familiar with the men’s magazine “Leg Show”. However, it is a fetish magazine for men who have a leg fetish; and, who are attrated to women with killer legs. One of their sections that they have is a “Lifestyle’s Section” intended for women who live what the editor refers to as “…living the ‘Leg Show’ lifestyle.'” I don’t know if this is something you are interested in; however, this would be a good way to attract more people to this web-site, what it has to offer; and, to you!

    I hope that I have provided you with some information that you can … use?

    -Slave Adam

  • alice

    i like Your athletic , muscular body. I’d like to be hugged and crushed by You . I’d lick you all over: head to toe. ass to pussy.then you’d crush me and i’d be permanently intimidated.
    and obedient to You.

  • Empress Simone

    Well you will Lick Me as I see fit and not till I find you to be worthy to put your unworthy tongue. 🙂

  • aaa 6 1/2

    yes, Mistress Simone.
    I would like to be crushed b you in a “fight”
    i sent You a story in another sub article and I don’t rember where i left it. did you see it?
    delete it?

  • Empress Simone

    I did not receive a story from you. You can tell me about it next time I speak to you on the phone 🙂 Love, Simone

  • Forrest

    Hello mistress Simone. My name is Forrest. Which was given to me from mistress Violet. I accidentally ended up on your page. I see we have quite a few things in common. All things sci-fi fantasy supernatural and occult. I too am very into vampires and all creatures of the night. I’m also a big Doctor who fan. I’m actually watching it right now. Excited about new episodes. Just felt I had to say hello

  • Empress Simone

    That’s all really awesome! Don’t tell me about the newest Doctor Who though. I have yet to see it. Check out for more information on My Demon Mistress site and be well. Thanks Simone P.S) I LOVE Game of thrones. I have not seen the new one yet, but I keep up with that one too!

  • Jerry

    Hi mistress Simone, I’m Jerry I sent you an e-mail earlier I just want you to know your so beautiful and I know you live a distance from me I would love to know you I have read alot about you do you ever do long distance chastity also I hope your having a fun day and talk to you soon!….Jerry

  • Empress Simone

    Thank you jerry

  • mitch the bitch

    my Mistress Simone 🙏🙏🙏 Your image is permanently burned into my psyche-your voice makes both my heads spin(stroke stroke stroke)I’m a big fan of your blog-how can I subscribe?

  • Thank you mitch! There should be s subscribe button on the blog’s top corner. There is also, which is my other blog.

  • Jerry

    Hi Mistress Simone I just love looking at your photos your so beautiful I just imagine having my cock locked in a metal chastity lock you being the key holder so I cant masturbate and wanting you so bad I like trying different exciting sexual expierences I’m sure you like locking your husband in chastity and maybe never let him cum so anyway I just want to let you know I admire your beautiful body I just saw your blog and loved it! have a fun day!……Jerry

  • Thank you Jerry! XOXOXOX

  • Dear Mistress I blew off the girlfriend so I could be home alone feeling girly I’m going to fantasize you are making your boyfriend pump me from both ends while I bounce up and down on my dildo I promise to lick up my cum

  • Thomas Adams

    Dear Mistress please make me your cocksucking sissy slave

  • Gem Sissy

    Thank you for letting us see your pictures, Empress Simone. I think I’ve raved over this when we talked before but that peach corset is so amazing (and you look killer in it). It’s probably been awhile but I wonder where you got it?


  • Cato’s many years ago. 🙂

  • Gem Sissy

    Ah. A quick check of their website seems to show they aren’t doing that sort of thing any more. Some pretty bras and panties though. Googling around trying to find something similar did have me stumble across this which immediately got my panties a little wet: What do you think?

  • Jorge

    Forever I would be your slave and slave, even the smallest of your hairs, my mistress. If I could economically travel to you, I would kneel before your Imperial Presence, I would prostrate myself before your Royal Feet, and be a slave for / forever, even the smallest of your hairs; Oh, His Divine Goddess. Many times I have imagined girls, women, feminine beings (Including gimbots, fembots, transsexuals operated (hers) and / or natives, dolls, aliens, / s say they have the form of a woman), as almighty beings, even in the smallest of its hairs. Magical powers, extraordinary strength, invulnerability, all kinds of imaginable and unimaginable powers. Able to become gigantic, to move each and every one of their hairs, as to tie, protect and / or enslave all infinity

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