About Me

Caution Roleplays ahead!

Caution Roleplays ahead!

  I have years controlling men.  I’m 33 and been with Enchantrix since 2009 so I know my way around a cock.    I have also always had the remarkable gift of knowing just what to say to make boys My toys.  I also have a little bit of a philosophy about them.   Boys are like jewelry, you may Love a great piece, but there is always going to be another one.  I am a collector of Jewelry, Men, sex toys,  and swords…..

You are looking at a VERY dirty girl.  I love Role Play in ALL forms of the game!!

I also Love strap on’s, floggers, paddles, chastity devices, canes, candle wax and almost anything else that is kinky.   I have a leather paddle with a sweet little heart that I keep right next to my bed.

Why?   So, I can spank My husband whenever the urge arises in me.

 (and he loves to be spanked)

Or, perhaps you would like to speak about my live in sissy and what I also call My second husband, Anthony or (Sissy Ann).   She also loves being spanked but only over my knee when wearing her pretty panties…

If you are looking for an adventure seeking Mistress that Loves to push limits, then I’m your girl.  If you are a sissy slut that is scared of your own shadow, well…, (giggling) I LOVE to play with your kind as well….

As a Gemini, I can be bitchy and strict or sweet and innocent.  It really just matters what you are looking for as I pretty much like it all!

Confess to ME your dirty secrets and be set free!

Check out My FREE Audio Mp3’s boys.  I put My newest one’s on My tumblr page.