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Crossdressing sissy comes out

Lesbian crossdressing sissy Amanda goes dancing for fun!

Are you a Crossdresser?

First off, if you are a crossdressing sissy of any kind, even, if you are a lesbian crossdresser, it’s important to always go out in public with a crowd.  Stay within your pack, just like any girl out with her fellow girlfriends. . . . → Read More: Crossdressing sissy comes out

Crossdresser Annie wants the cock

I love making you gay!

Annie  was a sweet little bimbo that loved to dance for men on cam.  She was  a breathtaking  beauty when she put on her 6 inch polka dot heels and cute little short pink dresses.  She would flip up the dress at times, revealing her cute little tight . . . → Read More: Crossdresser Annie wants the cock

Be Simone’s Thrift Store Sissy

I absolutely LOVE to shop.

I think I could shop everyday given the choice and the income.   So naturally, I’m always looking for a great bargain.  I’ve found lately one of  the things I absolutely love to do is to go thrift store shopping.  I found a really nice chain of thift stores . . . → Read More: Be Simone’s Thrift Store Sissy

Rise and Shine Sissies and Pervert!

There’s nothing better then waking up a little early and getting a nice explosive orgasm in the morning.

I know I always love to cum.  I can’t get enough of cumming.  What can I say?  I’ve always been quite insatiable.   Perhaps, this is why I have three lovers.   I like the number . . . → Read More: Rise and Shine Sissies and Pervert!

My Dream Sissy Store

I see you touching your tiny pathetic penis…

Pretty sissy Chrissy was all dressed up in her purple party dress.  She was going to be the belle of the ball that night.  She had her black pumps and sheer black stockings to match her frilly purple dress.  She loved going to the dress . . . → Read More: My Dream Sissy Store