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Lawrence has a husband

Hear Me Read it Now! Chapter 8

Mark snuggled up with a great horror novel while waiting for his husband, Lawrence, to get home from work.   Really, it was more than a job for his husband.  He owned the only adult store in this little town.   “It’s pretty awesome, having a . . . → Read More: Lawrence has a husband

The Journey of the little dick man

You Call That a cock?

I enjoy being bitchy.  It brings Me a great deal of joy to laugh at My clients.   Tonight, I’m in a Mean Mistress sort of mood. I love laughing at itsy, bitsy, tiny little penises.  The only saving grace for these pathetic losers  is that they know . . . → Read More: The Journey of the little dick man

Cuckold Audio

See something you like?

Enjoy this special five and half minute tease of how I role play bringing home a guy.  You know I Always get what I want!! Check out the cuckold audio here! Love, Your kinky little Demon . . . → Read More: Cuckold Audio

Picking up Guys off the Street

I love having lots of guys..

I was in a Starbucks yesterday and had the best customer service.  I had two guys practically fighting over who would make My drink, right in front of My husband.  They were both all smiles and extremely efficient.  I also think it was pretty awesome how they . . . → Read More: Picking up Guys off the Street

My Favorite Forms of Cuckolding

What type of cuckold are you Babydoll?

Want Me to take it off?

Are you the type of cuckold that enjoys participating?   You want to kneel on the floor obediently and wait for the bull to tell you it’s O.k. to get up on to the bed.  You know, deep down in . . . → Read More: My Favorite Forms of Cuckolding